5 Reasons to Still Wear a Wristwatch

5 Reasons to Still Wear a Wristwatch

Have wrist watches gone the way of the dodo bird? Or, for those who don’t recognize the (extinct) bird allusion, have wristwatches become passé, like VHS players, Walkmans, and late-night phone conversations over a landline? In the age of smartphones and 24/7 Internet-fueled screen time on iPads, Kindles, and personal computers, the hand-worn watch has definitely lost some use.

If you need to know the time, you can always just flip out your phone or look at your computer screen. A generation of millennials likely never even developed the habit of strapping a timing device to their wrists. And if you pay close attention at your next work meeting or ride in the subway, you may notice that wrist watches are no longer the norm among any age group.

But, technology aside, there are good reasons to keep using wrist watches. Here are some of them.

 1. A Wristwatch Is an Easy, Convenient, And Reliable Way to Tell Time

The first reason to wear a wristwatch is practical and self-evident: they tell you what time it is, anytime, anywhere. The same cannot be said for phones or the latest tech gadgets. Cellphones run out of batteries on a regular basis, fall into hard-to-reach corners of your handbag or briefcase, and hopefully, don’t accompany you to the bathroom. And while it may seem like you’re always in front of a computer screen, you’re actually not (case in point: bathroom visits). The next time you’re in the restroom and wondering how much time you have before your next meeting, you’ll be glad you have a handy watch on your wrist.

2. You Can Discreetly Check a Wristwatch

It’s generally considered rude to whip out your cell phone in the middle of a religious ceremony, a business meeting, a wedding speech, a movie, and several other social situations. In contrast, you can almost always get away with a discreet look at your wristwatch. The next time your boss is giving you an earful, you may be thankful to have the opportunity to quickly check the time and figure out if you can indulge him with a response before you need to head out to spinning class. And while you’re actually at spinning class, where phones often aren’t allowed, and clocks are kept out of sight, you may appreciate having a watch that can tell you exactly how many minutes of torture you have left.

5 Reasons to Still Wear a Wristwatch

 3. A Wristwatch Can Signal Status and Make a Fashion Statement

Wristwatches make for fantastic accessories, especially for men, who often have pretty limited choices in the accessories department. If you’re into luxury, watches can be a quick, easy, and hard-to-miss way to signal status and wealth. If that’s your jam, you have plenty of brands to choose from: check out Cartier, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet to get you started. Moreover, it’s much easier and more effective to signal status with an expensive watch than, say, fancy clothes. Clothes take considerable thought and effort to put together. But a Rolex says something about you even if you’re wearing it with a tattered old t-shirt and haven’t showered in days.

Moreover, watches can be a fun accessory for men and women alike. Sports watches can accentuate a casual look, while fancier ones can complement a cocktail dress or gown.

4. Wristwatches Remind You of the Passage of Time and Keep You Accountable

Not to get too existential, but there’s something about wearing a timing device on your body that helps you internalize the passage of time. Despite what we may think or, more accurately, wish, time is finite. We have a set amount of it on Earth, and it pays to be mindful of how we spend each passing week, day, hour, even minute.

That doesn’t mean we need to stay glued to our time device. But it does mean that we should be mindful of time passing and reflect on whether we’re using our time the best way possible. What better way to do that than wearing a watch on your wrist?

5 Reasons to Still Wear a Wristwatch

5. Wristwatches May Help You Be More Successful at Work

Wearing a wristwatch makes you appear organized and may even make it more likely that you are on time for your appointments. In other words, you won’t just seem organized, you’ll actually be more organized! And depending on the watch you choose to wear, a wristwatch may indicate that you have style and appreciate good quality, which in turn can lead to greater respect from colleagues. This can be especially important in white collar jobs, where you often have very little leeway with your clothing and branded clothing may be in poor taste. An elegant watch, on the other hand, is always in style.

So, there you have it — 5 great reasons to wear a wristwatch in the age of cellphone and unlimited tech gadgets. Hopefully, watches are destined to go the way of classy, everlasting vinyl records rather than passé Walkmans!