6 Things to Know Before Buying a Watch

6 Things to Know Before Buying a Watch

A watch is an important accessory that may not seem to require much consideration before purchasing. However, there are in fact, several essential considerations that should be carefully thought out before selecting a watch, such as pricing, material, and occasion. If you are currently looking for one and need some help, look no further. Keep on reading to discover some important things you should consider before buying a watch.

1. Pricing and Budget

Before stepping foot in a store or ordering online, you must consider your budget. It is possible to buy a wristwatch for under $20, as well as over $200. If you want a casual watch to wear to work, a watch made with cheaper material may be ideal. For instance, materials such as faux leather, silver, or bronze typically run on the cheaper side.

If you are searching for an expensive watch, something with Swarovski crystals or real gold are good choices. When going to purchase, always let the store person know your budget, so you do not waste any time on watches that are too expensive or too inexpensive. Watches are an accessory that can be purchased for almost any price, there is something for everyone.

6 Things to Know Before Buying a Watch

2. Occasion

The occasion you want a watch for is another important consideration. If it is for a gift, consider the receiver’s wrist size, taste, and occasion. Typically, a smaller wrist suits a watch that has a slim or lightweight band, and a face that is not oversized. Keep in mind the receiver’s taste, as this is very important. If the individual loves glam and crystals, a Swarovski crystal watch or something with diamonds in the face may be ideal.

And, if the individual prefers subtle-looking jewelry, a luggage color watch or a matte black face may be a good choice. Always buy something you think the individual would like rather than what you like, as you want to buy them a watch they love to wear. Buying a watch for a 50th birthday, retirement, or an anniversary gift means buying a watch slightly on the fancier or more sophisticated style, like a gold watch.

6 Things to Know Before Buying a Watch

3. Material

The material is a very important consideration when buying a watch. There are many different kinds to consider, such as carbon fiber, bronze, gold, plastic, or stainless steel. Avoid silver watches if you are allergic to silver and ensure that if you are buying the watch as a gift, the individual is not allergic to any potential materials.

Carbon fiber is an ideal choice due to its lightweight nature. However, gold or stainless steel are classic looking and timeless. For those individuals who are vegan or against animal cruelty, leather is not an option. Luckily, there are amazing faux leather watches out there to be bought that look like the real thing. Again, keep this in mind if buying a watch as a gift for someone who is against genuine leather.

6 Things to Know Before Buying a Watch

4. Type

Watches come in two forms: analog and digital. Digital watches are certainly becoming more popular. However, there is something classic about an analog watch. Typically, sports watches are made with a digital face, due to the convenience of looking at it while being active, so do keep this in mind if buying a sports watch. It appears that analog watches come with fewer features than digital ones that are usually more high-tech. That all being said, many smartwatches come with the option of switching between an analog and digital face, to please everyone.

6 Things to Know Before Buying a Watch

5. Special Features

Do you want a watch with extras? If so, you might be paying a slightly higher price. Watches that come with a heart rate monitor, alarm, step-counter, and are waterproof, are more expensive than a standard analog watch with no extra features. Therefore, keep this in mind if you are wanting a watch that does more than just tell the time.

6. Power

A watch can be powered in a variety of ways, such as mechanical, solar, automatic, and even quartz. If this is important to you, ensure you inquire about the power source of the watch you wish to purchase.

Solar powered watches are great because you never have to change the battery, however, you have to ensure they are getting enough light. Mechanical watches are traditional do require the wearer to wind them. Lastly, quartz and automatic are great options, but do require a little maintenance, such as winding and a battery.

Despite most people having a phone on them with a clock, watches still prove to be an important and stylish accessory to tell the time with. The next time you find yourself looking to buy a watch for personal use or for someone you know, take these six points into consideration to help you find the perfect watch.