Hi, I’m Thomas Benner, your watch enthusiast. I own a small timepiece repair shop in Hanover, Pennsylvania called Benner’s Watch Repair. As customers come into my shop, they have many common questions about their current watch or a watch they are planning to buy. I started this blog as a way of highlighting the pros and cons of different timepieces. Besides, reader input helps me keep up with the latest in the industry so I can serve my customers better.

I didn’t always have an interest in watches, or mechanical things in general. In college, at Penn State University, I studied history because I wanted to be a teacher. After college, I began teaching at a middle school that didn’t pay very well. My watch broke one day and I didn’t have the money to get it repaired. As a teacher, my watch was my lifeline. This was in the days before the internet, so I went to the library and got some books on watch repair. I not only fixed my watch, but I became fascinated with the inner workings of timepieces in general. Over the years I took watch repair courses and opened my own business in 1990.

I’ve seen a lot of new developments in watches over the years. I am a horologist, which is an old Greek word for those who study timepieces. The new smartwatches are just as fascinating to me as the antique wind-up watches I still repair. As much as I love timepieces, I can’t know everything about them. I love to travel and attend horology conventions so I can broaden my knowledge and meet others who are just as crazy as I am. On this blog I welcome comments and discussion from my fellow enthusiasts so I can use it to bring the most accurate information to the reader.

On this blog I examine watches for design, engineering, and practicality. I try to remain objective about newfangled ideas. The older mechanical timepiece designs are often as accurate as the newer quartz or digital models. I don’t take any money or merchandise for the reviews I do. My goal is to study each timepiece and talk about how it can or can’t benefit someone who wishes to purchase a watch.