Antique Wrist Watches that you should know

Wrist watches are among the jewelry which you cannot afford to miss. The watches will not only help in timing but also serve to enhance ones appearance. Over the years, technology has been advancing and today, there are antique wrist watches. There are many companies and online retailers selling the wrist watches. Do you desire to buy a wrist watch? There are a number of factors to consider before you decide on which wrist watch to buy. These include the following:

1) One should first determine the age of the vintage watch. This is very crucial in making judgments whether it is a genuine item.

2) One should keenly check the timepiece to confirm whether it has its original parts. A genuine wrist watch should have all its original parts.

3) The functionality of the wrist watch. Before one can buy the antique wrist watches, it is advisable one gets to check whether it functions correctly. A slight damage on one of its part can reduce the lifespan and service of the watch.

4) The coating and material used to make the watch. The coatings and materials used in the making of the wrist watches do influence the functionality, price and mechanisms of operation. The gold wrist watches and stainless-steel watches are of worth and of value.

5) Shape of the wrist watch. There are rectangular and round versions of vintage watches. The taste for a certain shape of the watch varies from one person to the other.

6) Size. There are both small and large sizes. The sizes are dependable on the manufacturing company and the size of the straps.

7) The brand of the antique watches. The popular brands offer a wide range of budgets that are affordable to many unlike the unpopular brands. For example, the brands like Rolex and Vintage omega do offer a wide range of budgets that one can choose from-the affordable price range.The sizes also vary depending on the brands. Some prestigiousbrands like Patek Philippe Calatrava do have huge premiums and have large sizes.

8) Price. The price is so crucial in one determining which watch to buy. The prices vary depending on the materials used to plate the wrist watches and brand.

The top antique wrist watches are available for both men and ladies. The antique watches make one have a bold appearance .The top selling antique wrist watches include the following:

a) 15 Jewel 1960’s Gent’s Antique wrist watch

The 15 Jewel Gent’s watch has unique features that make it outstanding. These do include the following:

  • Case diameter-Has a case diameter of about 34.3mm
  • Plating-Has gold plating which does not wear out easily.
  • Straps –The straps for this particular watch are fitted excellently and hence more durable.

b) 9CT Gold Gents’ Watch

The 9CT Gold Gents’ watch has a case diameter that is approximately 34mm with a gold coating. The straps are designed in a manner that keeps the watch durable and strong.The watch’s plating does not wear out easily. The time is read in roman numbers.

c) 7 Jewel Gents’ Antique wrist watch

The 7 Jewel Gents’ Antique wrist watch has bold straps with a gold coat and gold plating. The glass case diameter measures 34mm and is durable.

d) 21 Jewel Gents’ Antique wrist watch

The 21 Jewel Gents’ Antique wrist watch is uniquely designed to avoid the slight scratches and made strong with its straps. The coat diameter for this particular watch is 34.3mm and is coated with gold.

e) Vintage 1920s wrist watch

The Vintage 1920s wrist watch has a silvery coat and strong straps that make it have a bold appearance once worn on the wrist. The coating is resistible to scratches.

f) 25 Jewel Gents’ Wrist Watch

The 25 Jewel Gents’ Wrist Watch is another antique wrist watch that is designed uniquely. It has a plated with gold that is galvanized to avoid scratches.

The coat diameter for this particular antique wrist watch is about 34mm. Time is readable in the Arabic Romans.

g) Ingersoll 7Jewel wrist Watch

The Ingersoll 7Jewel wrist Watchhas bold straps with a gold coat and gold plating. The glass case diameter measures 34mm and is durable. Also, it has a glass coat that is water resistant.