Best Digital Watches for Men

Reviews of Digital Watches for Men

Digital watches first made their appearance in the 70s and at the time of their “birth” they were considered very high tech.  Now they are looked at, for the most part, as commonplace.  They are being replaced with more and more watches that are starting to double as GPS devices, calendars, fitness trackers and more.  It is very rare to find a watch nowadays that JUST keeps time and nothing else.

Digital watches have progressed along with the growing trends and demands and there are tons of options out there for consumers to choose from. They come in many different sizes, colors and materials and have an array of features that will please even the techiest of people.

Because there are so many choices and options, finding your perfect digital watch may seem a bit daunting.  We’ve provided several things for you in this review.  First of all, based on our research we’ve compiled a list of the top five best digital watches for men.  They are from well known brands and have a host of features for you to enjoy.  Read below to learn about these top five standouts and see if one of them might be what you have been looking for.

#1 – Casio Men’s “Pathfinder”

Casio’s PAG240 is jam packed with features that you are sure to love.  It has the same Triple Sensor functionality that many Casio watches have along with convenient, self charging solar power, which means no batteries are needed. Some of the great features of this watch include the ability to sense the altitude, moisture in the air, and temperature and has a compass too.  In addition, it has sunrise and sunset data, a countdown timer and world time for 48 different cities which make it a great watch for travelers. As amazing as all those features are, that isn’t all!  Need an alarm?  This watch has five of them and a stopwatch too.  The full backlight makes it easy to see the time and the different functions it offers, even at night and is equipped with afterglow.

The black resin band is secured with a buckle clasp and keeps the watch safe from falling off during activities. Your Casio Men’s PAG240 is water resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet for those who love to swim. Now you don’t have to take your watch off to hit the pool, wash dishes or your hands or take a shower. Battery life is about 6 months on a full charge and with the Battery power indicator and power saving function you won’t be caught with a dead watch battery unexpectedly.  You can even keep track of the date with a full automatic calendar that has been pre-programmed until 2099.

#2 – Casio Men’s Pro-Trek Tough Solar Digital

Meteorologists played a part in the development of the Pro Tek Men’s Digital Watch from Casio. It was designed with the intention of taking on the elements and challenging environments no matter what they were. With One touch operation users can access the altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer.  There is an upper and lower LCD layout that maximizes the viewing and makes things easy to see, even at a glance if you are on the go. Users will have the benefit of up to 200 meters of water resistance, making it a great choice for outdoor lovers, especially those who participate in fishing, kayaking, rafting, swimming and just the day to day water related activities like showering, washing the dishes and washing your hands. The black resin band and neutral face with digital numbers is simple and gets the job done.  Tell the time, even in the dark with the Full auto EL backlight that has afterglow as well.  Finish off this huge list of features with a Tide Graph and Moon Data and you have a digital watch that will be a pleasure to wear every single day.

#3- Pulsar Men’s Silver-Tone Digital

If you spend a lot of time on the road traveling, you will really enjoy the Pulsar Digital World Time Chronograph Watch.  You can get world time in 39 different cities and with 5 daily alarms and 30 schedule alarms you have plenty of programmable alarms to keep you on track no matter what the time zone is. The stainless steel case and stainless bracelet style watch band is stylish without being too fancy yet it is nice enough to wear for dressy occasions as well as casual.  The digital numbers are large and easy to read surrounded by a stainless steel bezel. The face of this watch is protected by durable and long lasting Hardlex crystal which will protect it from scratches and nicks.  The Pulsar World Time Watch has a chronograph with 100 lap/split that will time down to 1/100 of a second.  It also provides the ability to handle elapsed time up to 100 hours.  The backlit display is in two colors and makes it easy to see the time even at night. The case measures 42mm which is on the larger side but not overly so.  With people’s preference for larger faced watches, 42mm fits right in there.  Are you a swimmer?  This watch can be worn swimming, water skiing, showering, washing dishes, washing your hands and even snorkeling but it is not rated for scuba diving.  In addition to telling the time you have a date indicator that has year, month, day and date right on the watch face.

#4 – Bulova Men’s Analog-Digital Display Japanese Quartz

Bulova is known for their eye catching watch designs and this Bulova Men’s Digital Display Orange Watch will definitely catch people’s eye.  Starting with the startlingly bright orange rubber strap and the striking black face with bright orange digital numbers and the bright like fire flowing analog hands, there is plenty to love about this digital watch.  On top of the Bulova name, which is legend in and of itself you have high quality construction in the stainless steel case, durability in the rubber watch band and scratch resistant protection in the mineral crystal that protects the face of the watch.

If you are a swimmer or outdoorsman, this is the perfect watch for you.  It has a water resistance rating of 100 meters or 330 feet which makes it the perfect watch to wear when snorkeling, swimming, out in the rain, boating and other water sports. It is not rated for scuba diving and should not be worn while participating in this sporting activity.  The Japanese quartz movement means no battery to worry about.  If you’re looking for a simple digital watch that keeps time above water or below it, you will love this bright orange watch from Bulova.

#5 – Nixon Digital Dial

Nixon is a popular watch brand that offers consumers quality, style, features and function without a ridiculously high price tag attached to it. This digital dial, metal bracelet watch brings class, function and fashion to the table for anyone who wears it. The double locking clasp will ensure that the watch doesn’t come off while you are wearing it.  With stainless steel case, and bracelet style stainless steel watchband, you will have a very durable and long lasting time piece if it is taken care of. The face of this watch measures 42mm, making it a little larger than standard sized watch faces.  Features of this great watch include a calendar that shows day, date and month, quartz movement and a water resistance rating of 100 meters or 330 feet. This means that you can wear this watch while swimming, snorkeling, boating, washing dishes and your hands and there will be no worries if you get caught in the rain.

What to Look for in a Man’s Digital Watch

Back in the 70s when digital watches first came out, they were considered luxury time pieces.  They were made of gold and silver plate metal bands, and the faces were typically very simple, curved displays in the shape of a rectangle.  There were usually very few buttons, sometimes there only being one to wind the watch or change the time. Fast forward to current time and you will find many different styles of digital watches to choose from.  Below we have listed many of the features and characteristics of a great digital watch.  You have a lot of options, so knowing what you are looking for when you start you search will help you decide on the watch that you will enjoy wearing for longer than a few months.

What do You Want from a Watch?

Before you can begin to sort through the digital watches that are available you need to know what you are looking for.  There are a few questions that you can ask yourself before you start researching.  Make sure you know the answers to these questions when you start your shopping and you will have a much easier and enjoyable experience. What style are you looking for? –  Do you want a watch you can wear every day with every outfit you own?  Do you want a watch that is strictly for keeping track of your exercise and fitness regimen?  Are you looking for a dressy watch?  Make sure you know what TYPE of watch you are looking for so you can eliminate the ones that don’t fit into that style.

  • What Features are Important to You? – Most watches have a set of features that they offer the user.  What features you want are an important factor in the kind of watch you end up buying.  Do you want a chronograph?  Do you want it to have a lot of different features like backlighting, calendar, GPS, etc?  Know what you want your watch to do and you will find the ones that offer those features and choose from that.
  • Is the Brand Important? – Do you have a specific brand that you want to buy?  Do You ONLY want a Casio or does it matter?  If brands are important to you, this can help you narrow the field significantly since all you would be looking at is the specific brand name.
  • What is your budget?  –  There are tons of watches that fall into almost every price point imaginable.  Set a budget for yourself and only look for the watches that fall into that price range.  You will be able to find a great watch with all that is out there on the market.

Different Categories of Digital Watches

There are a few different categories that today’s digital watches fall into.  Some of the watches can fall into more than one category so there are no ‘set in stone’ rules but guidelines.

Casual – If you work with animals or do construction jobs or some other kind of physically taxing job where you might get dirty, you don’t want to be sporting a dressy watch that has the potential of getting scratched and dinged.   There are a lot of casual digital watch choices out there in ALL prices points.   Casual doesn’t mean unattractive or boring.  They might have leather watchbands or rubber or resin that can withstand rougher treatment, they may have sapphire crystals, which will up the price a bit but would be perfect for someone that might have ample opportunity to accidentally scratch the watch face. They come in many different color choices with lots of features like backlighting or glow in the dark abilities or stop watch functions, or sometimes they have very few.

Dressy/Fashion – Dressy and Fashion watches are typically going to be much more traditional than a casual watch will.  This is not to say they don’t have lots of embellishments or fancy stylings, but they are usually much more elegant than the casual designs are.  A large majority of dressy and casual watches are going to be made of metal of some kind, stainless steel, gold tone, silver tone… and for the more expensive time pieces; they may have real gold, platinum or silver.  If you are looking for a watch that you can wear to the office, then a dressy or fashion watch will fit the bill nicely. Most dress and fashion watches will have a lot of features that are available including display for the date, stop watch functionality and a light of some kind for seeing the time in low light or dark conditions.  Dressy watches can be worn casually, but in many cases, wearers may have a dressy watch for formal functions and work and a casual watch for just kicking around the house or running errands in.

Luxury – These are the watches that you can expect to pay a higher price for.  This is because of the materials that are used when they are made. Most often these luxury watches are made of precious metals like gold and can have diamonds or other jewels in their design.  Sometimes luxury watches are made of titanium, which is not a precious metal but is still a desirable high end material.  More often than not you can expect luxury watches to have metal links although some can have leather bands.  Luxury watches can come from many different brands so if luxury is what you’re after you can expect to have a lot of choices.

Sport – Sport watches can fall into every category that is listed above.  Sport watches are designed with a specific goal in mind.  They are usually made to match active wear and are typically very comfortable to wear. Because they will be worn in all kinds of weather usually, they are usually made from materials that are resistant to sweat, dirt, grime and weather related conditions like rain and snow.   Watchbands are usually made from rubber or resin which are very hearty materials that will withstand rough use.  Sports watches probably have the most features, with anything from stopwatches to heart rate monitors.  There are many different types of sport watches.  Those can include those for running, swimming, marathons, scuba diving and more.  Depending on the kind of sports you want to participate in, the majority of sports watches will work well for a number of different sports.

Common Features of Digital Watches

Digital watches have a lot of potential features that can be offered.  How many features a watch has can change depending on the kind of watch it is and the brand that is responsible for making it. Below are some of the more common features that you will see as a part of many different watches.

  • Lighted Face – Press a button and the face of the watch and/or the digits light up. This makes seeing the time or other functions on the watch very easy at night or in low light conditions.
  • Water Resistant – A lot of digital watches are water resistant to different levels. The water resistance will be printed on the watch somewhere so you know.  The most common is 100-200 meters but there are some that fall below that and go far above it if it is a diver’s watch.
  • WI-FI – Want to be able to check your email or surf the internet from your watch? If you have a WI-FI enabled digital watch you can do that.
  • Mp3 Player – Most people who work out whether it’s running, cycling or other sports, love listening to music. Some watches offer Mp3 capability where music can be stored and then played.
  • Weather Forecast – With this feature you can receive weather updates and information on a regular basis.
  • Surf Indicator – If you love to surf, knowing the surf reports for specific beaches, tide schedules and wave sizes can be a real time saver.
  • Altimeter – Display’s the current elevation above sea level for the wearer of the watch.
  • Calorie Counter – If you are a fitness enthusiast and want to keep track of the calories you’ve burned, some watches will have the ability to do this. It is a popular feature among sports watches.  It will show how many calories have been burned within a specific time period.
  • Stopwatch – Chronographers are very common on watches now and are ways for users to time different events, and time frames.


Even though digital watches had massive popularity in the 70s, they have continued to progress and expand to current day with more technology than ever.  With new styles, new systems, new prices and more, the digital watch industry is larger than ever with a lot of fantastic watches still available.  You can get casual, dressy and even luxury digital watches if that is what you want.

With digital watches that fit any budget imaginable, you can choose with confidence and find the watch that will have everything you’re looking for it to have, from fashion to features.