Best Mens Sport Watches

Reviews of Mens Sport Watches

Sport watches have been around for a long time and due to the driving force of men that want higher, bester and faster technology, sport watches have advanced quite a bit from where they started.  Before you can choose the right sport watch for your needs a few things need to be determined.  First of all, you need to know what you need the sport watch to do.  Second of all, you need to understand what features certain watches have to offer. Once you know those two things, you can narrow down all the choices and find the right watch for your particular needs. Sport watches are made from all different kinds of materials and come in all styles and colors.  There are so many choices available that choosing one can feel like you’re doing nothing but guessing.  While fashion IS important, you want to choose a watch based on more than just how it looks.

We have done a lot of research on sport watches and have talked to professional athletes to find out what they look for when they get a sport watch. From all of this information we have compiled a top five list of the best men’s sport watches. We have reviewed each of our top picks and have provided additional information on sport watches in general as well.  This information will help make the process of choosing a sport watch enjoyable which is how it should be.

#1 – Invicta Men’s Pro Diver

Whether you are participating in land sports or water sports, this Pro Diver Men’s Sport Watch from Invicta will provide style and performance.  A two tone bracelet style watchband and a bright blue, eye catching dial are constructed from stainless steel along with the case, that is stainless as well.  Not only is this watch eye-catching, it is durable as well. There is a magnified date display at the 3 o clock spot and three hands for keeping the hour minute and seconds.  The dial is protected by a mineral crystal, making it stronger than regular face crystals. The bezel of this watch is unidirectional, rotating both ways and is made of steel as well. The hands of this striking watch are in sword, Mercedes and breguet- style logos that almost give it a nautical look. The luminous hands and hour markers make seeing the time in low light conditions easy on the eyes.

The see-thru skeleton case backing shows the workings of the watch.  This striking watch is powered by Japanese automatic movement.  The 40mm watch face is a great size to make people take notice without being so big it’s cumbersome.  You won’t have any batteries to worry about since this attractive and functional sport watch is powered by the motion of your wrist.  Wear it for at least 8 active hours each day and you won’t have issues with the watch keeping time.  If you participate in water activities, you can swim, snorkel, water ski and do recreational scuba diving with a water resistance rating of 200 meters (660 feet)

#2 – G-Shock Men’s

If you need a watch that can withstand a lot, then The Casio G-Shock G100 is right up your alley.  This attractive and useful watch is both analog and digital, with a black face and black resin watchband for maximum durability. Features of this sport watch include shock resistance, magnetic resistance, EL backlight with afterglow for nighttime or low light viewing, Dual time, a Daily alarm,  A stopwatch that records 1/100 second, 12 and 24 hour formats, an auto calendar and a water resistance rating of 200 meters. If you are super athletic and participate in a lot of sports, this is the perfect watch for you.  You can swim with it, sweat, run in the rain, snorkel, and even do recreational scuba diving in shallow waters (above 660 feet). The large 47mm diameter case is very appealing for a lot of men who love a larger watch. The face of the watch is protected by a mineral crystal that is resistant to scratches and scrapes.

#3 – Timex Men’s “Expedition Trail Series”

The Expedition Trail Series by Timex is the perfect watch for people who love to be outdoors skiing, swimming, running, rock climbing or anything else that inspires us to create our own adventures. There are many reasons this watch is the perfect watch for any outdoorsmen or athlete. Aside from the natural outdoorsy look it has with a green resin case and watchband with gray trim and black accents on the face, this watch is packed with features that you will find useful on your outdoor excursions. One of the most popular features of the Expedition Trail Series Watch is the 16 point compass right on the face that helps you stay on track when you are hiking, camping or spelunking.

Other features include a 100 hour chronograph. English and metric units, an Indiglo night light for easy nighttime viewing, quartz movement, buckle closure and a water resistance rating of 200 meters or 660 feet making it able to be worn while recreational scuba diving unlike many other sport watches. If you spend a lot of time outdoors camping, hiking, rock climbing, swimming and other outdoor activities, the Timex Expedition Trail Series is the perfect compliment with features that you will have use for on your excursions. Thanks to the blue electroluminescent technology that the Indiglo night light uses, you won’t have the battery drain that other night lighting systems have. This means that your battery will last much longer.  The acrylic crystal may not be as durable and scratch resistant as mineral or sapphire glass, but it will still keep your watch workings protected.

#4 – GUESS Men’s Rigor Blue & Rose Gold-Tone

GUESS is a very well known and popular brand for fashion and accessories and this Rigor Blue and Rose Gold-Tone sport watch that is multi-function and worlds apart from others.  It is also unisex and could be worn by women as well if they like the design. The rose gold watch has a blue textured dial with quartz movement and an analog display. A calendar features the day and the date and there is also a 24 hour sub dial as well. The watch face is protected by a durable and scratch resistant mineral crystal

The face of the watch measures 46mm in diameter, making it on the larger side, which is perfect for those who like larger timepieces.  The watchband is made of dark blue silicone and is sweat resistant and water resistant too. If you’re a swimmer you will be happy to know that the GUESS Men’s Rigor Blue and Rose Gold-Tone Sport Watch is water resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet. It isn’t able to be a diver’s watch but you CAN swim with it on, run and not worry about sweat or rain affecting it, shower in it, wash your hands or the dishes with it on and not worry about accidental splashes or spills.

#5 – Freestyle Men’s Shark Tide Classic

Are you looking for a great sport watch that has some great features AND a great name too? Then you need the Freestyle Men’s Shark Tide Classic Digital Sport Watch. The style and quality of Shark Watches are excellent and will please any athlete or outdoor lover. The Killer Shark Tide Digital Sport Watch provides wearers with plenty of features in addition to style and durability as well. The durable and sweat resistant, black silicone watchband is the perfect complement to the large, 48mm case that has a digital display and a mineral crystal that protects against scratches and scrapes.

One of the rare features of the Killer Shark Tide is the limited lifetime warranty that is offered on all Shark Watches. This warranty provides a lot of peace of mind for the consumer that purchases it. Additional features of this terrific watch include tide data for 150 beaches worldwide, dual time, a Chronograph,  Sunrise and sunset Data, Hydro pushers, an alarm and a countdown timer as well.  If you’re out at night, you’ll have no worries about not being able to see the time with the Night Vision feature.  If you’re into water activities, the water resistance rating of 100 meters is just the thing most watermen need.  You can swim, shower, wash dishes or your hands and be out in the rain with no issues or worry at all. The Killer Shark Tide watch is the perfect thing for beachgoers, surfers, boaters and anyone who wants to have an attractive and stylish watch that has a lot of great features.

What to Look for in a Man’s Sport Watch

A little bit of History

Men started wearing wristwatches in the early 1900s.  Their ease of use is what made them so popular among soldiers during WW I. Compared to a pocket watch, they were much easier to use and faster as well since they didn’t have to be fished out of pockets.  There have been a lot of advancements in the technology used in watches that have made them continue to grow in popularity.

The purpose of a sport watch is to assist people who love to participate in sports and sporting activities.  There are sport watches that are geared for water activities and others are better for running or marathons.  One if the best ways to ensure that you get the right watch for your needs is to make sure you know what those needs are beforehand.

Common Sport Watch Features

Sport watches have a lot of features that other watches may not have.  We have outlined these features for you so you have a clear idea of what is available and which ones are important to what your daily activities are.

  • Alarm – alarms are perfect for letting you know when an upcoming appointment is or even to wake up in the morning. You can set the alarm for any time of day or night. Some watches have multiple alarms that can be set.
  • Altimeter – If you are a hiker or mountain climber having an altimeter could be very helpful. An altimeter feature is used to determine altitude through atmospheric pressure.  Altimeters can work even when a GPS can’t.  Another benefit to an altimeter is that it can be used in conjunction with a topographic map to help determine their location if they are ever lost in the woods.
  • Atomic Radio Controlled Timekeeping – This feature is one of the best ways to ensure that the time is always as accurate as possible and doesn’t have to be manually set by the wearer.
  • Chronograph – Chronographs are stopwatch features. It is a useful feature for runners and swimmers.
  • Compass – If you camp a lot, hike, mountain bike or spend a lot of time in the woods, you will find a compass feature very helpful for determining direction as well as for use should you ever become lost.
  • Day/Date Window – A lot of watches will date in number form but others will show the day of the week as well. Having a calendar feature on your watch can come in real handy so you don’t have to try and find a calendar.
  • Easy to Read Numbers – Easy to read watches will usually have larger numbers on the dial and a simple display. Some sport watches have complicated faces due to the many features they offer. If you have vision issues, an easy to read watch could be a real benefit to you.
  • Heart Rate Monitor – If you are a fitness enthusiast who is watching their health, someone trying to lose weight or you are a beginning exerciser, having a heart rate monitor can be very helpful. You want to stay within your target heart rate while exercising so you get the most from your workouts. This feature will help you do that.
  • Illumination – Having a light feature on your watch makes it easy to read even in low light conditions.
  • Moon Phase Indicator – Some people are very interested in the different phases of the moon. Some watches have intricate moon phases with symbols and others are designed other ways.  Moon phase indicators can be great for fishermen since fish feed more often when the moon rises and sets during the new moon and the full moon.
  • Multiple Time Zones – If you travel a lot, having different time zone capabilities can come in handy especially if you travel regularly to the same places that are in different time zones.
  • Power Reserve Indicator – This is used for mechanical watches to let the wearer know that it is time to rewind the watch.
  • Repeater – A repeater is a feature that enables the watch to use sound to tell the time to the wearer. There will be specific sounds for hours and minutes. Other than novelty, there is no real need for this feature unless the wearer has impaired vision.
  • Stopwatch – Runner and swimmers in particular have a real need for a stopwatch feature. It can be a great training tool
  • Tachymeter – A tachymeter determines speed and is usually along the rim of analog watches.
  • Thermometer – If you camp a lot or hike a lot you may have a need to keep track of the temperature.
  • Tide Indicator – If you are a surfer or beach lover, you may love having a Tide indicator. The tide indicator will tell you when high and low tide is for a multitude of beaches. Some tide indicators may be preset with specific, popular areas.
  • Water Resistant – Almost every sport watch has a water resistant rating of some kind. Some may have ratings as low as 50 meters and that can go as deep as 1000 meters on other watches.  The rating will be stamped on the face or the back of the watch. Water resistant means that you can swim, go boating, do chores that involved water and run in the rain.  Water resistant does not guarantee that the watch will withstand complete submersion, but the point of the rating is that up to that level of immersion, it is usually fine.

Types of Display

There are several different types of displays that sport watches use.  We have outlined the specifics of each kind of display below.

  • Analog – This type of display looks like an old fashioned clock with an hour hand, a minute hand and sometimes a second hand as well.
  • Digital – Digital displays are Arabic numbers that are shown on the face of the watch. Some people prefer digital watches but others prefer the classic old fashioned analog displays. Digital displays are more practical for runners who want a quick, at-a-glance- time keeper.
  • Analog AND Digital – Some watches offer both digital and analog displays on their watches. The benefit to this style is that it allows the wearer the at-a-glance time keeping with the same classic look that analog watches can have.
  • Binary – These are much less common than the other kinds of display. They are still popular today. Binary displays use a numerical system that has a base of 60. It was a form of display that was invented thousands of years ago even though it seems futuristic.
  • LED – LEDs are much more powerful than regular watch lighting which means you will be able to see it easier. LEDs can be used in all display types.


Sport watches are very popular timepieces today with tons of choices available for the consumer.  So much so that it could be difficult to figure out which ones are going to fit your needs, which ones are reliable and high quality and which ones you should avoid.

The information in this review will give you the knowledge to sort through all the choices and narrow down the field so you don’t have SO many to go through.  Once you have the right information and knowledge you will understand what makes a watch a good purchase.

If you are outdoorsy, athletic and like lots of features, chances are you will love a sport watch.  It will have plenty of features to enhance your outdoor activities and give you a great way to tell time and keep track of your fitness goals too.