Best Running Watches for Men

A Review of Running Watches for Men

If you are an avid runner, whether for fitness or for sport, having a good, high quality running watch can be a real benefit to you.  There are many running watches for men on the market today for runners to choose from. We have done detailed research on running watches and have talked to professional and fitness runners to find out their favorites.  With the information and data we have gathered, we came up with our top five choices.

We feel these selections are great choices for any runner who is looking for the best running watches for men.  Take a look at these detailed reviews to learn about each one and see if any one of them fits your needs and preferences.  We have done the leg work for you so you don’t have to spend time trying to find the right information we have brought it to you here.

#1 – Timex Ironman 30-Lap Stainless Steel

If you are an avid runner, participate in marathons or want to tackle the next triathlon, you will want the Timex Ironman Stainless steel bracelet watch. The durable and long lasting stainless steel case stands up to daily wear and usage and the band fastens with a fold over clasp that keeps it securely in place. The easy to read digital numbers are displayed clearly on a matte gray face dial that measures 34mm in diameter. Additional features of this handy and useful watch include a day/date calendar, 3 alarm setting, daily alarm, occasion mode reminder, mineral crystal that guards against scrapes and scratches, quartz movement and water resistance of up to 100 meters. You can safely snorkel, swim, wash dishes, wash your hands and shower with the watch on.  The resin case and bracelet style band are comfortable to wear and fashionable too so you can wear your running watch all the time no matter what you are wearing or what occasion it is. There is a 30 lap recall that is great for comparing your performance over many laps. This watch is the perfect choice for the fitness enthusiast and will help you keep track of everything you want to keep track of when it comes to your runs and other fitness endeavors.

#2 – Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch Activity

Make Fitness a regular part of your day with the Withings Activate Pop Smart Watch Activity and Sleep tracker.  The activity tracker can monitor walking, running and swimming with a water resistance of 5ATM.  Get the Health MateApp and have fun challenging friends, collecting badges, and staying motivated. Another very interesting feature and function of this watch is to track your sleep with the Sleep Tracker.  This will monitor light and deep stages of sleep and will not how many times you wake up during the night and also the total sleep you get. This watch automatically syncs to your Smartphone so you will never have to be bothered with setting the time. You will get up to 8 months of charge from the battery.  This attractive and very functional watch is designed with a lightweight feel to it with PVD coated case and silicone strap. There are three different eye catching colors to choose from:

  • Shark grey
  • Sand
  • Azure

This activity tracker watch is water resistant to 150 feet. You can wear this watch in the shower and while swimming with no worries at all.  The comfortability and design makes it very easily become the watch you never want to take off.  This watch will fit those who have a 7.9” wrist and is made from stainless steel for the casing that has an attractive PVD coating and the silicone wristband is very comfortable. This watch has the ability with Activite Pop, to automatically pick up on when the user is running or swimming and it will log it into the Health Mate App so you can check it out later on after the workout is over.   If you are looking for a watch that will help you keep track of your fitness, help you wake up each day with the gentle vibration alarm, and that keeps excellent time, then this is the watch for you.

#3. Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch

The Timex INRONMAN ONE GPS is your ticket to keeping track of your run, listen to music, listen to messages, various tracking and more all from the ease of your wrist and without the necessity of a phone.  This unique and versatile watch allows users to receive and reply to messages, along with the capability to send SOS messages including a map to where you are, if you are ever in an emergency. If you are going on a run and want to be tracked for safety reasons, the live tracking capabilities enable this possibility. Purchasers of this watch are provided 1 year of AT&T wireless data service as well. You can renew after the year by adding it to your existing AT&T plan or create a new plan. Don’t want to get a new plan?  The watch can still be uses as an excellent feature packed fitness watch with GPS and the ability to play music too.

This functional watch from Timex is the first watch to offer and feature a Qualcomm Mirosol display. This is a display that is always on and that does not have to be woken up just to see the time.  In sunlight, the colors are more visible and sharp making it perfect for outdoor use no matter what the weather is. With a water and sweat resistant touchscreen, you don’t have to worry about being too sweaty or having wet hands when you touch the screen.  Another great feature is the ability to work with gloved hands as well which makes it perfect for use during the winter months. The design of the Timex IRONMAN ONE is lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear while performing various sports.  It has a 50 meter water resistance that allows users to wear it while running in the rain or swimming. With multiple fitness apps available, this watch covers all the bases and provides excellent style, functionality and features for runners and fitness enthusiasts.  Love working out at night?  You will love the INDIGLO night light that will illuminate your watch so you can see clearly and easily even in the dark or low light conditions.

#4- Suunto Ambit2 R GPS Watch

It doesn’t matter if you run for pleasure, fitness or competition; the Suunto Ambit2 R GPS Watch will enhance your workout and help you track your fitness. With a Heart rate monitor, integrated GPS and full set of high tech features that help you keep track of your running progress. This GPS watch will help you track vertical speed, help you determine altitude using your running route as a meter, and will help you find your way if you get lost on your run. Knowing your heart rate is important when it comes to safe fitness and this watch provides that ability.  You can use the included USB cable to move your workout data to any of the Suunto apps where you can keep track of the calories you burn during your workout, keep track of your heart rate goals and even get workout tips and suggestions. The Suunto Ambit2 R will be able to store many runs so you don’t have to upload it on a daily basis.  Addition features of this convenient and useful running watch include alarm capability, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last up to two weeks, the ability to be in time mode only with 12 or 24 hour time modes available, and a calorie counter. The mineral crystal is resistant to scratches and protects it from getting dinged and scratched.  It has water resistance ability up to 50 meters so it can be worn while washing hands, doing the dishes and swimming.  If you want a watch that can do a lot, this one certainly fits the bill.

#5 – Motorola Moto 360 – Black Leather Smart Watch

This comfortable and finely crafted watch is powered by Android Wear and provides the functionality that runners appreciate and can utilize to improve their fitness levels. You have the choice of glancing at the watch to see what you are looking for or do it through the convenient voice command option. Features of this useful runners watch include the ability to respond to voice as well as gestures.  Users can send texts, set up any necessary schedule reminders and check the weather all through voice. Need to check flight alerts and traffic, this watch has you covered. There is also a built inactivity tracker that promotes a healthy lifestyle for the wearer. Users can track calories, heart rate, distance run and steps all throughout the day and evening.  They will even receive coaching advice that will help the user reach any fitness goals they may have.  Having this capability means that you can keep fitness and health in the forefront of your mind. Keep up with your goals even when you are away from home or the computer. Construction of this sleek watch is sturdy stainless steel with scratch resistant glass face and genuine Horween leather for a fashionable as well as functional look.  This phone works with your Android phone and can be paired with any smartphone that has Android 4.3 or above.

The Motorola Moto 360 is available in a multitude of colors:

  • Champagne
  • Black
  • Champagne Metal
  • Cognac Leather
  • Dark Metal
  • Light Metal
  • Natural Metal
  • Grey

The different colors are different prices and you can get the same watch face/workings with different watch bands as well. Watchbands are different according to the color you choose.

What to Look for When Buying a Men’s Running Watch

It doesn’t matter if you are a competitive runner or if you just like to run for exercise on your own a few times a week, having a good running watch can help you track your runs so you can analyze them for improved performance and fitness.  It is important to take the time to get the right information on how to choose the right running watch.  At times it can feel as confusing as picking out the right running shoes.

There are tons of brands and styles of running watches available on the market which can make the decision process much harder.  We have done research and asked questions and reviewed customer feedback and have come up with some great tips that can help you narrow down all the choices and make the decision that will be perfect for you.

How Much Watch do You Need?

Before you make a decision on a running watch, be sure to think ahead to where you want to be in your running endeavors in the next year.  If running is a hobby for you or occasional way to exercise, you won’t need as fancy or advanced of a watch as you will if you plan on taking on longer distances, marathons of any kind, and other running challenges.

If that sounds more like what your plans are, you will want to spend the most you can afford to spend to ensure that you get a running watch that will be able to grow with you. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or top of the line.  A good mid-range running watch will be perfectly fine.  A lower-end running watch is fine for the occasional runner who only engages in the activity a few times a week.

What Features Do You Want?

Running watches come with a myriad of features that make your runs much more beneficial and easy to track.  The features below are all features that can add even more functionality to your workouts, thus improving your fitness level and performance.

  • Tracking Your Distance – It is a great idea to get a running watch that has a built –in, running GPS. This can be beneficial when it comes to personal fitness.  It is also helpful when it comes to finding your way when you get, or some other issue is going on. It’s always better than
  • Do You want a Heart Rate Monitor? – Heart Rate Monitors are always great, especially if you work out on a regular basis. Ever wonder what you’re blood pressure is?  These are things you can do at home.    Some watches have built in optical heart rate monitoring
  • Where do You run? Knowing where you are going to be running.  If you want all of the data from ALL of your runs in one place, be sure to get a watch that has that capability and size. There are tons of watches available that will offer what you like.
  • Offers Training Plans – Many of the running watches on the market offer the user expert training plans for marathons, half marathons and 5k and 10k runs. If this is a feature that interests you make sure you check what tools they offer and if they offer or have apps that can go with your watch that will provide these training plans.
  • Interval training Session Capability – If you want to build your speed and fitness level, there is not a more effective way than interval training. Certain running watches allow users to create custom interval sessions that will combine tracking for pace, heart rate, distance and duration.
  • Want to Improve Your Form? – If you are super serious about running, you want to make sure your form is right. Some of the high end running watches offer feedback on specifics like how often your feet hit the ground in one minute, cadence and more. These factors will help you improve your form and can be a valuable resource for the serious runner.
  • Optimum Heart Rate Training – Tracking your heart rate is important for several reasons. It can prevent overdoing it, especially if you are new to running, and it can help you know when you are in the different zones such as fat burning and aerobic conditioning. Many running watches offer heart rate zone tracking.
  • Recovery Tips and Advice – Another serious runner feature, post run advice and advice on recovering faster is always beneficial to a serious runner. This is an important part of running and will provide you information such as training load, and recommended rest time in between runs.  The watches description will have whether this is offered or not.
  • Data Analyzing – Many runners or fitness enthusiasts want to analyze their running data to spot declines and progressions, no matter how slight. This tends to be another feature that is desired by serious runners.  If the watch offers this it will be in the form of an app that can be downloaded. Many running watches have online tools for just this purpose.
  • Wi-Fi or Blue Tooth Compatible – If you will be downloading your fitness information to an online tool, having wi-fi or blue tooth compatibility will make this task much easier.
  • Adjustable watchband – Having the capability to adjust the watchband to fit the user’s wrist is very important. If your watch is cutting into your wrist or on the flip side, is flopping up and down your arm as you run, you will be distracted by that rather than being able to concentrate on your run.
  • Battery Life – The majority of running watches will last about 5 hours or so with a good charge. If you have a long marathon to do, there will only be a few running watches that would last a long run without back up batteries.


When it comes to getting the best running watches for men, all it takes is knowing what to look for.  More importantly is knowing what you want from a running watch.  A watch with tons of features is overkill if you only run once in awhile and don’t care about fitness levels and stat tracking.  Make sure that you purchase the running watch that meets YOUR needs.

You will not waste money that way and will be confident in the purchase you have made.  You will also use the features of the watch you have chosen if you have taken the time to figure out exactly what your goals are and what you want your running watch to assist with.

The information that we have provided for you here will help you narrow down the choices that are available and will guide you in your endeavors to get the perfect running watch for yourself.  Although running watches can run all different prices, you want to get the best running watch you can for the money that you can spend.  A good running watch is an investment for a serious runner and care should be taken to get the best you can afford to get.