Best Way To Clean Your Gold Watch

Watches are among the jewelry which we value a lot and always yearn to keep it new and shiny. These gold watches may be of various brands but have that adorable and shiny gold coating. Sure, the sentimental and monetary value of ‘gold’ is worth keeping. The watches might be that gift your allies brought you on your birthday, Easter or even Christmas or a treat you bought yourself. They a valuable treasure that will ever remain awesome and appealing if maintained in their original appearance. Furthermore, many consider owning such jewelry as a long-term investment.

The jewelry need to be handled with care and protected from the possible conditions that can make them lose their beauty and luster. Therefore, the best methods should be employed when cleaning the gold watches. The best way to clean your gold watch is to sort to a cleaning method that is very cautious and never tarnishes the quality. The cleaning method should instead enhance appearance of your gold watch. If you are not sure of the best cleaning method to apply to your jewelry, its recommendable you get to consult with a professional jeweler. This will be great to you if your watch is fragile, very old or made of a very expensive gem.

The Methods

There are a number of methods available to enhance the appearance and protect your jewelry. The choice of the best method to use depends on the suitability of the products to your particular jewelry. These methods include the following:

1) Rubbing the jewelry with alcohol-This method is very helpful if your watch has some residues and grime stuck onto it. Also, the alcohol disinfects the jewelry without the need for other chemicals and boiled water. The rubbing alcohol method is the most convenient method to clean your gold watch if it does not have gems bound to it with adhesives and glue. Before one using this method, should first confirm whether his/her watch has gems bound to it using adhesives and glue. The alcohol tends to dissolve and loosens the adhesives and glue.

2) Using ammonia cleaning solution-The ammonia solution is among the effective cleaning methods but needs to be used sparingly. It is risky. The frequent use of the ammonia solution tends to discolor the gold watches over time and may tarnish them instead. Therefore, this particular cleaning method needs one to consult a professional jeweler to ascertain himself /herself if it is ideal for his jewelry.

3) Using soft bristle toothbrushes- Does your watch have hard to reach surfaces and yet you are worried of having them cleaned? Certainly, this will be the most appropriate method to employ. The soft bristles on the toothbrushes do reach out to the surfaces and remove the grim and residues that may be present. The advantage with using the soft bristles is that they don’t leave scratches on the gold watches and is easier. The toothbrush is first dipped into a soap solution or any other prepared cleaning solution and then used to scrub the surfaces. After the scrubbing process is complete, thorough rinsing follows. The rinsing serves to prevent the possible accumulation of damaging residues and grim onto the surfaces.

4) Using a dish detergent-This is among the methods that will work out very well. The cleaning method is very effective and works on most gold jewelry. For the gold watches that lack setting, they are soaked for 15 minutes then rinsed thoroughly. On the other hand, the watches with a setting, are wiped with a soft cloths dampened with a soapy solution and plain water. The wiping is done gently to avoid scratches forming on the jewelry.


How often should be the cleaning? This is among the frequently asked questions and probably that might be a big concern to many. The cleaning process should be done one in a while. If the cleaning is done too often, it increases the risks of the jewelry getting tarnished. For instance, if you are using the ammonia method, the watch may end up getting discolored or some gems may get dislodged.

The gold watches are of a monetary and sentimental value and hence they must be handled cautiously. Before any cleaning, it is advised to use reputable professional cleaners and recommendable cleaner products.