Best Way To Clean Your Silver Watch

Silver has soft luster which makes anything made of it not forgetting watches made of silver beautiful. Beautiful watches incorporate both function and form. Watches made of silver require close and keen attention. This is because, silver is quite fragile as compared to other types of metal. Silver can stain, scratch or tarnish very quickly. Cleaning silver is can be intimidating considering it is so delicate. However, for silver watches cleaning, a professional is not as needed as you can do it by yourself. While cleaning a watch, a watch contains two sides which need to be cleaned that is the face of the watch and the watch band.

1.) Face of the watch.

To clean the face of the watch, fill warm water in a dish and add some mild detergent. Dip a soft piece of cloth or brush in the formed soapy water then brush it off gently over the face of the watch. While cleaning, do not press down or vigorously scrub the watch as you only removing the daily dirt that forms from dust on the watch face.

In cases where your face of the watch has crystals or markings, work around the markings using a Q-tip. Make the Q-tip wet then roll it all round the watch face. Do not rub the Q-tip on the watch. Be careful not to take off the watch paint with the dirt you cleaning.

For silver watches with severely tarnished silver, follow the steps below:

  • Pour into a bowl hot water. Add a gentle cleanser that doesn’t abrade silver.
  • Add into the water some salt and stir for complete dissolving. Tear some pieces of aluminum foil and add it to the water bowl. The reaction after combining aluminum and salt will get off the tarnish on the watch face and make it shiny and bright.
  • Soak the watch in the solution for some time in watch of whether the tarnish is fading away. For silver that is deeply tarnished, repeat the process several times making sure the solution is kept warm as cold solution may not work out.
  • Run the face under cold water for rinsing to ensure all the salt is completely rinsed off. Using a microfiber towel or very soft cloth, dry the face gently.
  • Repeat such cleaning continuously for all time shiny silver surface.

2.) The band of the watch.

The way you clean your watch band depends on the material used to make it. Common materials used include rubber, nylon, steel and leather. Consider removing the bands from the watch while cleaning them to ensure you wipe them thoroughly causing no damage to the face of the watch.

For leather bands, wipe them with damp cloth. Add some hand soap for dirty bands or ones with unpleasant odor. Dry gently the leather band using clean cloth just before getting it back to the watch face. For watches with leather bands, take them off whenever going for exercise as they easily get damaged by moisture as well they should be wiped daily using dry cloth for getting off any debris which might have formed.

Metal watch bands are prone to rust and so is silver. This requires that you expose your watch to air especially when you are not in it. Perspiration and salt also can make the bands rust. Bands of silver watches should be cleaned using very soft brush soaked in warm soapy water. Before wearing the silver band again, ensure I is air dried completely.

For severe cases of stains on the silver surface, try out silver dip but as the last solution. This is because such dips may take off some silver layer though it dissolves any stains. The dip should not take long as dips are harsh and dangerous chemicals and requires close and proper following of stated instructions.

what to be done after cleaning:

After cleaning, maintenance should be done on the watch. This includes:

Cleaning the watch often especially after use and exposure to food particles such as salt, onions to avoid tarnish problems.

Wash the watch separately with any other pieces of silver.

Above all cleaning modes, store the watch in a good condition properly. Silver watches are prone to damage by corrosion, mildew and mold. As well avoid exposing your watch to extreme humidity, cold and heat. Watches are among delicate instruments which should be taken great care of.