Best wrist watch brands

Ever since the first wrist watch was unveiled in the consumer market, the number of wrist watch brands have been increasing. More so, these wrist watch brands have also been improving the diversity of their products to include both luxury and casual solutions for their users. A good wrist watch sub communicates value and it also helps to improve your overall look. The following are some of the common wrist watch brands that you will come across on the consumer market:

Top brands

Audemars Piguet

This is a Swiss-based watch manufacturers that were started in 1875 by Jyles Louis Audemars and his partner Edward Auguste Piguet. This company is regarded by most wrist watch enthusiasts and experts as the most luxurious brand company in the world. It is important to note that is the company is responsible for the products of watches and jewelry and the company is also popular for its unique form of styling. In fact, this special form of styling has made it one of the best luxury watches on the market with products such as the Stainless steel luxury sport or the Royal Oak Line products for users. This company employees well over 1,00 employees and it has other affiliate stores all over the world. Besides that, this company has three main production location including Le Locle, Le Brassus and Meyrin which is found in Switzerland. The company has been serving users for well over one century and its still one of the top ranking brand companies today.

Vacheron Constantin

This is also another notable wrist watch brand manufacturer based in the Swiss. The company primarily focuses on the sale of prestige watches and is an affiliate of the Richemont section. Similar to Audemars Piguet, this company also employs well over 1,000 employees with most based in Geneva, which is one of their main production sites. Some of the notable names that were fans of this brand were Edward VIII, The Pope and Napoleon Bonaparte among many others. Just recently, the company markets its anniversary by producing the world’s most expensive watch ever.

Patek Phillipe and Co

This is a Swiss-based company that was started in 1851 and its located in Geneva and Vallee de Joux. The company is responsible for the production of luxurious watches including some of the most mechanically advanced timepieces. Many consider this watch to also be one of the most prestigious brands with some past owners including Queen Victoria, Pope Pius, and Albert Einstein among many others. In 2016, the company was classified as the most expensive wrist brand ever sold at Geneva. The company made only four watches made and only one was made available for sale.


Taking all these brands into perspective, there are several wristwatch brands that are available on the market today. We have simply highlighted some of the notable brands that you should consider next time when you perhaps want to purchase a top quality timepiece or you simply want to provide a loved one with a convenient gift.