Breitling vs Rolex

Donning the best watch model speaks a lot about your sense of style and personality. Whether young or old, there is always a watch brand that will appeal to your preferences.

Breitling and Rolex are the common and high on demand watch models in the world. Now and then, you will come across debates on which watch model is the best.

Questions such as “Would you buy a Rolex or Breitling?” and “would you be an exhibitionist with a Breitling or Rolex?” are quite common.

If you have never come across a Breitling or Rolex, you may find it challenging to choose between the two. Both Breitling and Rolex are designed by Swiss watchmakers.

Breitling and Rolex are amongst the best and prevalent watch brands in the market. They are also high quality designs and come in varying prices from one dealer to another.

If confused on whether to choose a Breitling or Rolex watch, do not fret or give up. You have to research widely and understand the two watch brands.

The race on whether to go for Breitling or Rolex is prevalent and the decision you make should depend on you. No one should influence you on the watch brand to purchase.

Breitling vs Rolex

Everything to Know About Breitling

When we talk about growth and origin of Breitling, there is a lot to know. This luxury watch brand dates back to 1884 when it was established by Leon Breitling.

Breitling is a reputed watch brand famous for its exquisite chronometers essential in aviation. Breitling SA is based in Grenchen, Switzerland and the company embraces Swiss technologies.

Breitling fits chronometers in all its watch models and they are useful to divers and aeronauts. Breitling models feature polished cases, bracelets and come in large watch faces to enhance their readability.

They also embrace the automatic winding machinery. This is a mechanism where the watch utilizes natural motions of the wearer’s arm to provide energy to run the watch.

  • Navitimer was their first model designed in 1952. Navitimer became the official watch of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and gained a lot of popularity with aviators.
  • Breitling is also reputed for producing the first 24-hour Navitimer for astronauts. More models have graced the aviation world ever since thanks to the able hands of Breitling.
  • Breitling watch brands are sophisticated, comfortable and strong. Today, they have designs for everyone and their quality is also unmatched.

What Makes Rolex Watches Standout?

Rolex is a luxury watch that you will fancy at first glance. Rolex SA is a Swiss watchmaker established by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in London as Wilsdorf and Davis in 1905.

Rolex later moved its base in 1919 to Geneva, Switzerland. Rolex is reputed as the largest luxury watch model with more than 2,000 watches designed on daily basis.

Rolex revolutionized the watch-making industry and it has designed some of the best watch models in the world. Its first design was the “Oyster” a waterproof timepiece in 1926.

  • In 1910, Rolex was classified as the first watchmaker to earn chronometer certification. Rolex SA is also reputed for producing the first automatically date changing dial model the Rolex Datejust.
  • Its Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner model of 1953 was also a great masterpiece with a waterproof case. Rolex GMT Master was their first watch brand to show two time zones at once in 1954.

Rolex timepieces vary in prices and many times they are perceived as quite posh. Their prices vary depending on material used and where you are buying them.

Not many Swiss watchmakers can compare to Rolex when it comes to its wristwatch value.

Breitling vs Rolex

Breitling vs Rolex- Make the Right Choice

With thorough research and consultation, you will ascertain more about the features and capabilities of each watch brand. If it’s upon you to make a decision on which model fits your needs, you will not get it wrong.

Both watch models have certain similarities and notable differences. You will go for a design that fits your functions. For those in the aviation sector, Breitling is the best choice.

Rolex offers wearers more options especially if you operate on erratic settings. These two luxury watch brands are meaningful investments and will bring class and style to the wearer

Visit the best watch dealer out there and clear your uncertainties on which brand to treasure. You will have enough answers to debate at any Breitling vs Rolex forum.