How to Change a Watch Battery

Watch battery replacement consists of several stages, and by following some simple steps you can be sure to be successful in changing the battery in your watch each time. Before you go and purchase a bunch of different tools, first think about if you are just going to be changing watch batteries occasionally for your own watch or if this will be part of a business. If you plan on changing watch batteries as part of a business, you should invest in a watch battery replacement kit. Otherwise, you should just be sensible and purchase only the tools which you need for your specific watch.
For each case there is always going to be an exception to the rule. Use extreme caution at all times when you work with any watch, however be particularly carefully with watches that are more expensive. The key is to use common sense and to keep an open mind. If you do not think you’ll be able to do it, take your watch to a professional.

Testing the Battery

how to change a watch battery

How to change a watch battery.

It is a good idea to check to see if the battery in your watch is the actual problem before you decide to open up the case of your watch to change the battery. There are various kinds of battery and watch testers which let you test the movement of a watch while it is still closed up. In this way, you will not be opening up your watch unnecessarily if it indeed is not the battery that is the problem.

Opening the Watch Back

When you know for sure that the battery is the actual problem with the malfunctioning of the watch, you will need to open up the watch case so that you can reach the movement of the watch. With some watches, you can pry off the cover with a tiny flathead screwdriver, or it will have small screws which the cover is being held on by. The whole cover will unscrew on some brands. If you find that your watch case back will unscrew, then you’ll need to get a special wrench or go to a watchmaker with your watch to change out the battery. You don’t want to damage or ruin your watch by using the wrong tools

Changing the Battery

The actual act of changing out a watch battery is pretty simple, however there are a lot of things you should be aware of before you being to keep from damaging the movement of the watch. You have to figure out what kind of battery you’re dealing with and what size battery you will need to replace the dead one with. Always check the battery number of the old battery before you take it out in case you lose it. when you replace the new one, ensure it goes in the same way the old one came out. Some batteries are held in by spring loaded arms or thing metal straps, while others will need you to reset the movement before they’ll begin working again.

Closing the Watch Back

After you’ve finished your watch battery you will have to put the back of the watch back on before wearing it again.