How to Set a G-Shock Watch

how to set g-shock watch

How to set your G-Shock Watch the right way.

The G-Shock line of watches from Casio has become a classic brand which features a wide variety of designs that date back to when production started in 1983. Even with the variety of the design, almost every G-Shock watch uses the same methods to adjust settings. The only exceptions will be the watches which adjust time all on their own, known as the technology “atomic timekeeping”.

Knowing how to set a Casio G-Shock watch will likely bring frustration and confusion without instructions which are detailed. These timepieces have several different functions, and setting a machine this complex can be intimidating. However, the setting of a G-Shock watch can be broken down into steps which are understandable. The primary and first function of any type of watch is to tell the time, so you should learn that first.

Setting Your Watch

  1. Setting the function for seconds: First, hold down the TOP L button, and start to set your watch. The TOP L button will enter and exit the time setting function. Hold down the BOTTOM L button one time until you see the seconds field flashing, then press the R or BOTTOM L button to set the right number.
  2. Hour position programming : Push the BOTTOM L button a total of four times until you see the hour selection flashing. Then press the BOTTOM L and R buttons to select the right hour on your Casio G-Shock watch.
  3. Setting the minutes: Push the BOTTOM L button just once to set activate the minute area to flashing. Then use the TOP R and L buttons so you can set the section for minutes.
  4. Setting the year correctly: Press the BOTTOM L button only once so you can set the year. Then use the B and TOP R buttons to set the year which is current. Having the date set accurately is an important part of setting you watch properly.
  5. Programming the current month correctly: Push the BOTTOM L button only once so that the moth field is flashing. Now use the R and BOTTOM L buttons so you can set the month you are currently in.
  6. Setting the right day: Push the BOTTOM L button just once to get to the field for the day. Then, use the L and TAOP R buttons so you can accurately set the date.
  7. Finishing up: Push the TOP R button two times to get out of the function for setting the time on the watch. You have now successfully set the time on your G-Shock watch from Casio

Other Tips

Remember that the bottom left button is the same as up or plus and the bottom right button is the same as down or minus.

You can use the Adjust on any screen of the watch. To reach other screens on the watch, push the Mode, or BOTTOM R button. Most of these watches ill have a total of four screens, which includes the main screen. You can use the same process as above to make other adjustments, except on the stopwatch screen which doesn’t keep time.