How to Wear a Pocket Watch

Pocket watches were a common accessory in men’s fashion many years ago. You can still purchase one, and a lot of them are handed down as heirlooms by family members. They are still fashionable in the world of today, but do you know how to wear one?

Wearing a Pocket Watch

Choosing a Chain

how to wear a pocket watch

how to wear a pocket watch the right way.

If your watch doesn‘t already have one, get a chain. This serves two purposes – first, it will secure your pocket watch to your clothing so it won’t get misplaced or dropped, second it will complete the look of the watch. Choose a chain which matches the finish of you watch, i.e. get a steel chain if your watch is steel.

The weight and weave of the chain is up to you, but think about getting a thin, fine chain for when you are going to be dressed up, or a durable, thick chain for an everyday look. Choose a chain which is durable enough to keep the watch secure if you are planning on wearing it somewhere it can get yanked or hit.

You can add a fob or a strap if you want to wear your pocket watch in a pants pocket rather than on your chest. Think about attaching a watch fob or leather strap instead. They are usually sturdier than chains and also have a more casual, rugged look. You could also purchase a leather holder, which will attach to a belt loop and hold the watch outside of your pants for a bolder statement.

Choosing Your Look

Even though pocket watches are an old-fashioned accessory, there are many different ways to wear them. A few general looks you can consider are below:

  • Classic – you can wear your pocket watch in the pocket of a suit vest for a look that is old-fashioned. The watch chain in this case should be hooked on a button on the vest, and the watch should be in the vest pocket with the watch face facing toward you, enabling you to check the time whenever you pull the watch out. If you are right handed, the watch should be in your left vest pocket, or vice versa. This will let you keep your dominant hand free.
  • Casual – wear your watch your pants pocket. Hook the strap to a belt loop and place the watch face-in your dominant pocket. This will work better with a larger faced watch, since you will be unable to look at it closely without unhooking it.
  • Laborer – try a different look by wearing overalls with a pocket watch in the front big pocket. This will work best with a heavy, rugged chain. Complete the look with a work shirt and a loose fitting collar, chunky construction boots and a newsboy cap.
  • Theatrical – a pocket watch can be used for an accessory for themed outfits, like ensembles which reflect your membership in a subculture or costumes. You can buy an unusual chain or fob to offset the watch and coordinate it with a part of your outfit as well.