How to Measure Wrist for Watch

Some people don’t even know that they’re wearing the wrong watch size. They might just generically guess about the size of their wrists. Some people will just buy a watch and tighten it or loosen it, accepting that watches just naturally don’t fit people very well. However, knowing how to measure wrist for watch can really help a lot of people choose more wisely when it comes to their accessories. Watches do have their own sizes and people do vary when it comes to their wrist shape, size, and composition. Learning how to perform the proper measurement actually can make a difference.

Measuring a Wrist for a Watch

First, people need to get a good wrist sizing tool. Then, they need to center the tool at the inside of the wrist. Most people should be able to hold the tool in place with just their thumbs. People should then slide the wrist sizing tool at the part of their wrists where they will typically wear the watch.

This location is different for everyone. Some people like to wear watches very close to their hands. Other people like to wear their watches further down their forearms. Most people will have their habitual places for their watches, and it’s better to try to wear the watch there.

Once people have lined up the wrist sizing tool with this desired location, they can just visually follow the arrows. From there, they should find their ideal wrist size.

There are other ways of doing this for the people who can’t find a wrist sizing tool that will correspond to the right watch brand. People can just get a tape measuring device and measure the circumference of the area where they will tend to wear their watches. They can bring this measurement with them when they go to pick out watches.

The inside part of the watch should have the same circumference as the area that they just measured. It’s important not to measure at the outside, since that means that the watch is going to be too big. Measuring at the inside allows people to more or less have the watch fit them like the measuring tape would. This is a measuring technique that will work well for the people who are buying watches at thrift stores or discount stores, since there will usually be a bunch of unmarked watches and no sizing chart or wrist measuring tool for people to use. As long as they bring their own measuring tape, they will be fine.


Some people will compress too much when they are trying to measure their wrists. People will vary in terms of the amount of fat that they have on their wrists. Most people don’t have that much. Other people have enough that it will alter their wrist size and shape. Other people have a lot of muscle on their wrists. Once again, muscle can hugely distort the shape and the form of a wrist.

Compressing the wrist at all during the measurement is a bad idea. People who do this might end up with a wrist watch that is going to cut off their circulation. Most variations in wrist size or shape are not caused by muscle or fat, since people don’t tend to bulk up in that area. Most of these variations are caused by simple bone structure. As such, people shouldn’t be self-conscious about this.

The consequences of getting a wrist measurement wrong can be more severe than the consequences of getting another measurement wrong, which is why it is important that people don’t try to do their own form of vanity sizing. Most people don’t have any real need to worry about the size of their wrists, which is something that is rarely covered by fashion trends or other standards.

Most people won’t find their wrist sizes changing much throughout their lives. There might be some slight changes, but this is one of those areas that tends to look more or less the same from young adulthood through late adulthood. There might be some skin changes, but that’s about all. As long as people measure the size of their wrists once, they will usually not have to measure their wrists again.