Mens Watches Under 100

Best Men’s Watches Under the $100 Mark

There are many great watches that fall into the under $100 category.  People may assume that because the price is lower, that you are getting a substandard watch, but in our research, we have discovered many watches that are in this price point range that are well worth considering if you are looking for a watch but have a budget to stick to. Below we have brought you our five top choices of the best mens watches under 100 dollars.  These watches are customer favorites and for good reason which we will give you the details on below.  If you are looking for reasonably priced men’s watches without sacrificing quality and style, these choices will definitely appeal to you.

#1 –  Invicta Men’s Pro Diver

This sharp looking, two toned watch is from Invicta’s Pro Diver series and is sure to please anyone looking for a great and functional men’s watch that is under 100.  The large round case is made of durable stainless steel and is attached to a hardy and study steel bracelet that has gold plated links in the center of the band for a very attractive and stylish look. You’ll be able to easily and quickly read the time on this watch even in low light conditions thanks to the electric blue dial and light colored hands.  The three hand function has luminous hands and the date is magnified as well at the 3:00 o clock position so you can see it at a glance. The hands of this stylish watch are in Mercedes, sword and breguet-style logo shapes giving it class and distinction that other watches in its price point may not have.

The Japanese automatic movement is visible through the see-through skeleton case back which is appealing to those who like to see the “workings” of the watch. This Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Series watch is water resistant up to 200 meters making it safe for use in the rain and other conditions where it might get temporarily wet. You won’t have to worry about rain or snow or even dropping it in the sink causing any issues. You can even swim and take a shower with this watch on if you choose. One unusual feature of this watch is that it is powered by the motion of your wrist, which is referred to as an automatic watch. While this makes for an interesting feature, if it is not worn for longer than 8 hours it will run slower and possibly stop temporarily causing it to have to be reset when the wearer puts it back on.  To avoid any problems, all you have to do is wear the watch at least 8 hours per day.  If you don’t wear it that much, just plan on resetting it when you DO put it back on.

#2 – Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel

Seiko is a well known and well likes name in watches for both men and women.  Their attention to quality and detail is evident in this men’s automatic Seiko 5 Stainless Steel Watch. This unique watch has a black dial that features white markings that are Arabic numbers. The markings mark the hours on an inner circle and the minutes on an outer circle. The silver-tone hands are easy to read day or night because of the luminous fill that they are designed with. The second hand is easy to spot due to a red accent that helps locate it easily.  Day and date are displayed at 3 o clock, making it easy to see not only the time but the date too.

The stainless steel case is polished to a chrome like shine and is attached to a black nylon strap that is comfortable and that goes with a multitude of styles and clothing colors.  The traditional buckle is easy to operate as well making it a great watch for a young man.  Like our number choice above, this Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch is powered by the movement of whoever is wearing it.  To avoid any lessening or slowing of the time keeping, be sure that someone wears the watch at least 8 hours per day.  It is also important to make sure that the main spring is wound sufficiently.  Another feature of this attractive and simply designed watch by Seiko is that it is water resistant to 100 meters or 30 feet.

#3 – Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

Timex is another well established and well respected name in watches.  Decades ago it was even used as a term for any watch due to its popularity and desirability.  The stylish design and functionality of their watches is still going strong as is evident in this attractive and unique Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph Watch. With a vintage military inspired design this watch will please anyone in the military or who enjoys military inspired fashion. The popular INDIGLO night light with night mode makes is super simple to see the time even in nighttime and dark conditions.

The genuine leather strap is comfortable and fashionable, matching any number of dress styles from casual to business. The date is viewable at 4 o clock and the additional chronograph subdials and skeleton watch hands add attractive design elements to this watch that consumers will love. Wearers of this attractive and stylish Timex will be able to get ot wet with no issues.  It is water resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet.  Swimming with this watch on is no problem, but diving is not recommended and can cause a malfunction in the watch. The protective mineral crystal dial window is sturdy and strong as well.  This makes a beautiful gift for that special man in your life whether it is a son, spouse, boyfriend or friend.

#4 – Invicta Men’s 9211 Speedway

This is the perfect watch for casual and dress with its classis styling and bold design. There are three chronograph subdials that measure time within 1/60 of a second and can also measure time up to 30 minutes of elapsed time as well.  The black trimmed chronograph sundials measure 60 seconds, 60 minutes and 24 hours. Features of this elegantly designed watch include a round stainless steel watch that is engraved with units per hour markings that are present on the bezel.  The white dial background has luminous Tritnite hands that include a second hand. It has small minute indexes as well. Tritnite is a unique material that has an extended glow that was developed by Invicta and has a luminous quality. A great feature of this material is that when it is exposed to daylight, it will hold the glow for up to 20 hours which is very convenient for the wearer.

The anti-reflective mineral crystal dial face is strong and sturdy, the stainless steel band that is just like a bracelet and a fate function that is at 4:00. This is another watch that is able to be in contact with water without any issues.  It is water resistant and can withstand depths of 200 meters or 660 feet without any issues with performance. If you’re looking for a watch that works for business or pleasure, take a look at this Invicta Speedway Collection Stainless Steel Watch.  We’re sure that it will fit what you’re looking for and at a reasonable price too.

#5 – G-SHOCK Men’s GA-100 Neon

There are many reasons to purchase this G-Shock Mens Neon Highlights Watch. The black main color is accented with bright green neon watch hands that make seeing the time super easy. It provides a very modern look that would appeal to many different types of men from an older teen son to a college student to a man that is in the military or other physical type career.  The watch band is made of black matte resin and has a tonal face that creates a very understated look until you see the bright neon accents which really make it stand out from the crowd.  It has both analog and digital display, with 4 daily alarms that can be set for your important appointments, a lithium battery and LED illumination as well. The battery on this watch will last about 2 years.

One of the reasons this watch is so good for younger men is the shock absorbing design and structure that allows it to take rougher handling without breaking.  It is water resistant to 200 feet which makes it a perfect watch for swimmers.  The anti-magnetic digital time keeping keeps track of hours, minutes, seconds, month and day, day of the week and a 12 and 24 hour countdown.  The analog time keeping will keep track of hours and minutes as well as providing a 1/100 second stopwatch and a countdown timer.  Many men will find the simple, predominantly black design very appealing and it will go with a multitude of dress styles and lifestyles as well. The adjustable wristband works for different sized wrists so it is not a one size must fit all. The backlight function allows wearers to read the time easily regardless of the lighting conditions.

What to Look for When Buying a Mens Watch Under 100

If you are active outdoors or you participate in a lot of water activities such as swimming, kayaking, boating, etc, it is important to know what to look for when buying a mens watch under 100 when it comes to finding one that will be able to be worn while participating in these activities.  You want to be sure that the watch you choose can handle the water without getting destroyed. Keeping the water out of the mechanisms of the watch is the ticket. One of the most important things to understand in your search is the difference between waterproof watches and water resistant watches.

Waterproof means essentially that water is prevented from entering the mechanisms of the watch and doing any damage in any way.  If the watch is truly waterproof it cannot be damaged by water but this is rare. Nowadays you will see the term water resistant more often. Water resistance means that water will be prevented from entering the inside of the watch up to a certain point.  This point will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  There are many different levels of water resistance.   You will want to look on the back of the watch to see what levcel of water resistance the watch offers.  Even watches under 100 dollars can have higher levels of water resistance so don’t feel that just because you have this budget, that you are out of luck in finding a water resistant watch. We’ve outlined the different levels of water resistance below so you will know what to look for in men’s watches when you start shopping.

  • Level 1 – not marked at all. If your watch has no markings on it stating that it is water resistant, you will need to remove it before washing your hands or the dishes, swimming, taking a shower and any other activity where you can get your watch wet.
  • Level 2 – Marked Water Resistant with No Numbers Given – This level of water resistance can handle getting splashed if you are caught in the rain but it should not be work while showering, washing hands, dishes, your vehicle and not while swimming either.
  • Level 3 – Marked Water Resistant to 3 ATM , 30 meters and 100 ft – At this level, your watch is safe from accidental splashes as well as washing your hands but swimming is still off limits.
  • Level 4 – Marked Water Resistant to 5 ATM, 50 meters and 165 ft. – This is a level you can wear your watch while swimming. If you are going to be diving in a pool, doing any snorkeling, scuba diving or other water sports you will want to take your watch off first.
  • Level 5 – Marked Water Resistant to 10 ATM, 100 meters and 330 ft – If you participate in swimming and snorkeling, you can wear a level 5 watch with no problem. It is not recommended for high diving or sub-water scuba diving.
  • Level 6 – Marked Water Resistant to 20 ATM, 200 meters and 660 ft – This level is perfect for wearing while participating in all high-impact water sports such as high diving and can be worn for scuba diving as long as helium gas in not required.

How is Water Resistance Checked?

water-resistanceEach watch that is tested and rated for water resistance goes through a rigorous testing process.  The testing starts by immersing the watch in water that is 10 cm deep and it is left for one hour.  Next a force of 5 N is added for 10 minutes at the same 10 cm level and the resistance of the watch’s operative parts is recorded. Next a condensation test is done by placing the watch on a plate that has been heated to 104 to 113 degrees for 10 to 20 minutes.  Next a drop of water is placed on the watch face and the watch is observed to see if any condensation appears on the inside of the face after sitting for one minute.

Temperature tests are also performed which include immersing the watch in 10 cm of water at several different temperatures for 5 minutes at a time.  Over pressure can mess a watch up, so this is another test that is done to test the water resistance of different watches. The watch is immersed in a pressure vessel and it is subjected to certain rated pressure forces for 10 minutes, reaching the rated pressure within one minute to create an over pressure situation. Air pressure can also be a factor in the heartiness of a watch. This is tested by subjecting the watch to a 2 bar overpressure. The goal is for the watch to not shoe any airflow that exceeds 50 ug per minute. All of the above tests are performed on any watches prior to be labeled water resistant.  It is these various testing scenarios that determine what rating the watch will receive.

Tips for Preserving Your Men’s Watch

Despite the fact that the watch you get may state that it is water resistant, there are going to be limitations and factors that can cause it to malfunction and stop working. Follow these simple tips for keeping your watch running for a good, long time.

  • Prolonged use in water is going to affect any watch so if you are participating in water sports on a regular prolonged basis and you don’t NEED your watch while doing them, it is better for the watch to remove it when participating in these activities.
  • You may find that some of the chemicals that are used in pools can damage the watch seal and cause it to stop working. Other chemicals such as perfumes and aerosol sprays cam also mess up the watch seal. It is better to remove the watch to prevent those chemicals from ruining your watch.
  • Make sure to have the water resistance of your watch tested every two years. Water resistance can be maintained by having the gaskets replaced which an experienced watchmaker can do
  • The crown or buttons of your watch need to be in their operating positions before you enter the water with your watch, even if it is rated water resistant. Water resistance of a watch will be adversely affected if the screw down button is unlocked when you immerse it in water.
  • Salt water can wreck havoc on a watch. If for any reason the watch has been immersed in salt water, be sure to get it rinsed with clear water as soon as possible and dry it if it comes in contact with the ocean.
  • Beware of subjecting your men’s watch to sudden temperature changes. An example of this would be to have the watch sitting out in the sun for an extended period of time and then immersing it in cold water. Anything less than 32 degrees or higher than 140 degrees is going to cause problems for your watch.

Other factors that will affect the water resistance of your watch include the age of the sealing material, when were the seals changed last, and also the condition of the watch.  If it has been damaged in some way, water resistance will be lowered.  No amount of water resistance rating will prevent damage from immersing a watch that has a cracked face in water.


When it comes to choosing the best men’s watch under a hundred, you will find that it just takes a little bit of research and knowing what to look for, to decide on a really great watch for a really reasonable price. The only reason you would want to avoid inexpensive watches is if cheap, plastic parts or plastic or faux leather bands are used.  Pay attention to customer reviews as well and really read the review descriptions so you know what the watch has to offer. If you’re in the market for a new watch for yourself or someone else, you will find a lot of high quality and functionality in any of the five top choices we have reviewed for you above.  All of these watches listed and reviewed here are from well known companies that are known for their craftsmanship and reliability and all of them are stylish and fashionable too. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with a watch that may or may not be working after a week.  All of these choices are the best men’s watches under the $100 mark making them great for almost any budget.  Take the time to do your homework, use the information and reviews we’ve provided for you here and find the perfect watch that meets your preferences and needs. You might also be interested in men’s watches under $200 and watches under $300.