Mens Watches Under 200

Best Men’s Watches Under the $200 Mark

A popular misconception that many consumers have is that unless you pay an exorbitant amount for a watch, it will be cheap looking and low quality.  With all of the watch companies that are manufacturing watches today, there are many fantastic choices available for men’s watches under 200.  Companies are not catering to consumers that want quality without having to give their right arm to get it. We have done a lot of research to bring you 5 terrific men’s watches that are all under 200 dollars. Each one has its own set of features and special qualities that would make it a great choice when you’re in the market for a new watch. In our research, we looked for watches that offered the wearer quality, style, uniqueness and functionality.  The list below is our choices.  Take a look at them and see which one appeals to you. With these reviews, you don’t have to rely on guesswork to try and figure out which watches are the best ones to consider.

 Top Rated Watches Under 200

In bringing you the best men’s watches under 200, you will have several different styles and types to look at. We went through dozens of different watches all under 200 and based on features they had, customer feedback and company recognition, we narrowed it down to 5 excellent choices.  One of these great watches may be the perfect choice to fit your needs and preferences. Any one of these top picks would make great gifts as well. . Read more below to learn about our top picks.

#1 – Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive

This simple and elegant watch by Citizens is a great choice for military personnel and business people alike and is our top choice for watches under $200. The stainless steel case is solidly constructed and durable, able to provide years of timekeeping ability for you. The army green canvas strap is strong and comfortable and can be cleaned easily if needed. It has a 12 and 24 hour time indicator, a day and date indicator and other great features that make this top choice something to take notice of. The design of this functional watch is simple and understated, with a mineral crystal dial window, a round black dial with white numbers and a red second hand and Japanese-quartz movements that charge in either natural OR indoor light. Other features of this great watch include a textured crown, analog display, buckle closure for ease and comfortability, and luminosity so you can tell time in low light and dark conditions. This Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch is water-resistant to 330 feet and can be worn while washing hands, dishes and participating in some water activities such as snorkeling and swimming. Diving is not recommended.

#2 – Casio Men’s “Pathfinder” Triple Sensor

Casio is one of the biggest names in watches on the market and this PAG240 is up at the top of the list when it comes to performance, style and quality. Some of the great features that you will enjoy with this stylish watch include solar power, altitude and moisture sensor, temperature sensor and it even has a compass. With 5 alarms, a stopwatch feature and a timer that counts down you have a lot of functionality available to take care of the things that are important to you. The attractive backlight with afterglow allows the time to be read even in low light conditions such as night hiking.  The black resin band is tough and durable and the buckle clasp is strong, ensuring that the watch stays on your wrist like it is supposed to. If you’re an avid swimmer you won’t have to take this watch off thanks to the water resistance level of up to 330 feet.  The convenient battery power indicator lets you know if the battery is low and needs charging.  It’s a terrific choice for anyone looking for a reliable and multi-use sport watch that has style too.

#3 – Seiko Men’s Adventure-Solar

The well known and favored Seiko Company hits a home run with this Men’s Adventure-Solar Classic Watch. Features of this great watch include a compass dial, alarm chronograph, Lumibrite , that makes it easier to tell to tell time even in low light conditions, Japanese quartz movements with an analog display and much more. The simple, classic brown leather watch band is durable and goes with all kinds of clothing choices from casual to business. The casing is made of quality stainless steel for an attractive, hearty look for any man.  Your watch will be protected with the Hardlex crystal dial window that keeps the inner workings safe and sound. This watch is water resistant to 330 feet which makes it a great watch for swimmers and snorkelers.  It is not recommended for divers.

#4 – Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Gold-Tone

If you are looking for a watch that looks great for work and more formal situations like work and business meetings, the Citizen Eco-Drive Goldtone Stainless Steel Watch is perfect. The black dial is set off nicely by the goldtone trim and brown leather watchband that has a croc embossed design that adds flair and class. It features an easy to read day/date indicator and second hand as well. The Japanese quartz movement has analog display with the Citizen logo at the top of the watch.  Your watch will be protected by the mineral crystal dial window. This is not the watch you want to take swimming or out in the rain as it is not water resistant.  If you’re looking for a men’s watch that looks expensive but is still under 200, this is one to take a look at. It looks equally well with a suit as it does with a button up shirt and jeans.

#5 – Seiko Men’s Diver’s Automatic Watch

If you are an active diver, take a look at this Seiko Men’s Diver’s Automatic Watch.  This watch has quality Japanese automatic movement and runs without batteries but by the movement of your arm. Take note of the fact that you must wear the watch at least 8 hours a day to prevent it from slowing down since it is powered by arm movement. The black rubber strap, stainless steel case, black dial and luminous hands and hour marks all come together to create a sharp looking watch that looks good above water as well as below the surface of the water. This attractive and functional diver’s watch is water resistant to 200 meters or 660 feet. This makes it a good watch for those who engage in recreational scuba diving.  If you need helium for your diving, chances are it would be too much pressure exerted on the watch to wear it while diving. This is a great choice for you if you engage in a lot of water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, recreational scuba diving, and other water related sports.  The attractive and simple styling looks great with casual wear but can also be worn for fancier events.  It makes a fantastic gift too.

 What to Look for When Buying a Watch Under $200

Watches are a very useful accessory for any outfit or occasion whether it’s going to work in the office or spending the day outdoors.  The great thing about watches is that there is a watch for every situation, event or outfit. All of this variety can be both terrific and overwhelming if you are looking for one.

There are many different brands, styles and colors of watches on the market today, so sorting through them all to find that perfect one can be time consuming and even frustrating if you are not sure what you’re looking for. There are a few things that you will want to know ahead of time before you start shopping.

The only real limitations on the kind of watch you purchase are budget and personal taste. Since this review is about the great watches you can find for under 200, focusing on the budget is a deciding factor in the kind of watch you end up with.  Personal taste is another thing to consider.  No matter great a watch looks on paper if you personally don’t like the look of the watch, there is no point in getting it.

A watch should be something that you truly enjoy wearing.  They are great conversation starters, make great gifts for special family members, and make terrific productivity rewards for the office and many other things as well. When you take the time to really look at what you want in a watch, you end up with one that you will want to wear for years to come

The following are some important questions to ask yourself before you start shopping for your watch.

  • How often will you be wearing your watch? – There are many different circumstances that a person may want to wear a watch for. You might want to wear one to work every day, or for a specific type of sport such as running or cycling. You may be looking for a watch you can wear every day or one that you will only wear for special occasions. How often you will want to wear your watch will determine the type of watch you should get.
  • Do you have a certain style preference? – Many people that are looking for a watch want to exhibit a certain style. There are casual watches that are great for everyday use such as doing chores around the house, running errands, going to school or working a casual job such as fast food or something similar.   Other styles might include luxury watches, sport watches and work watches.  Decide what style you enjoy ahead of time and you can narrow down the field of watches you search through.
  • Metal, Leather, Canvas or Rubber? – Watch bands can make or break the enjoyment you get from wearing a watch. Metal band watches are generally fancier, but may not be as comfortable to wear as a leather or canvas band watch.  If you do a lot of swimming or water sports, you will want to concentrate on the resin or rubber style watch bands which stand up to being wet where as metal or canvas can be uncomfortable or turn colors on you.
  • What Features Do You Want? – Some watches have a lot of features and others may not have many at all. Features like alarm capability, stopwatch function, time zone differences, day and date indicator and many more.  Some watches have so many features it may feel like you’re walking around with a “do-it-all” device. Think about the feature you want, decide on the features you HAVE to have, and  disregard THE REST.
  • Digital or Analog? – There are two formats that watches use to tell the time. Digital that involves the time showing on as a simple number format such as 12:15.  Analog style  looks like a regular wall clock with minute hands and second hands . There can be casual and more formal style watches with either analog or digital.
  • One watch or multiple watches? – One thing that you need to decide is if you want to find ONE watch that can go with everything and every situation, or if you would rather purchase several watches for the different circumstances and events in your day to day life such as one for work, one for casual, etc.

Different Types of Movements

The movement of the watch is indicative of how it keeps time. There are three different types of movement to choose from when it comes to the watch you prefer.  Some are more accurate than others but if they are taken care of properly, they all have their strengths and weaknesses.  Mechanical and automatic are more expensive over all.

  • Mechanical
  • Automatic
  • Electronic

Mechanical Movement Watches – This type of movement means that the movements are wound inside the watch, or internally.  Time is kept through the winding and then unwinding of the springs that are inside the watch.  This type of watch needs periodic winding that is done through a little knob usually located on the side of the watch.  What you may notice about watches with mechanical movement is that they start to lose accuracy over time.

Automatic Movement Watches – Watches that have automatic movement are similar to mechanical but rather than internal springs; it’s the motion of the watch that powers the time keeping movements.  As long as you wear an automatic watch regularly, in most cases, at least 8 hours a day, it will be much more accurate in keeping time than mechanical.

Electronic Movement Watches – This is the most common type of watch inner workings. Electronic movement watches are also called quartz movements due to the fact that when they were first being constructed, quartz was the most commonly used material. As long as they have a good battery, they are the watches that keep the most accurate time of all three.  If a battery is not used to power them, they are sometimes created with solar cells on the dial that accomplish the same thing. Electronic movement watches are the cheapest of the three types.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you have chosen to only get one watch rather than a few different ones for different situations, there are a few things that you want to keep in mind.

  • Remember that there are few watches created that will work with every single outfit. If your budget allows, buying two would round out your wardrobe and give you two different watches for the many circumstances of your life.
  • Leather is a more natural choice for dressier situations and looks more natural as well. Metal banded watches are easier to match to outfits than leather can be.
  • Try to keep all metals that you wear matching. Wedding rings don’t have to be included in this but belt buckles, watchbands, decorative rings or necklaces all should match well. If leather is your preference, they all need to match as well.  This will include matching the watch band, belt, and shoe color as closely as possible.
  • If dressier or more professional is the style you are going for, concentrate on simpler designs and colors. Brighter, high contrast dials, cases and numbers typically are less dressy than the watches that have more understated colors.


Watches make a terrific accessory for most outfits and occasions.  With all of the choices available, you have ma y different options that you can consider.  When you start searching for the right watch you will find that there are some that seem to look great with everything you wear and others that would only fit a specific outfit or style. When you are in the market for a watch, there are many things that you want to look for when you are looking for watches under 200.  Although watches can reaches thousands of dollars in cost, 200 is nothing to sneeze at and you should insist on   not settling for lesser quality simply because you are looking for a watch under 200.

There are many things that go into finding the right watch:

  • Searching for the kind of features and functions you want
  • The right price point
  • Materials used in construction
  • Size of the watch dial
  • The kind of watch band it is

It is never recommended to buy a watch on impulse. That is how you end up with a drawer full of watches that you’ve only worn a couple of times.  Take the time to know what YOU want from a watch, do the research on any watches that you are interested in that fit your criteria, and make a choice that you will truly enjoy wearing and having on your wrist.Even though watches aren’t as popular as they once were, they are still very much a status symbol and when you are wearing one that is really nice or unusual, it will always get noticed.