Mens Watches Under 500

Best Mens Watches Under the $500 Mark

If you are looking for a great watch for under $500, you will find that you have a lot of different styles to choose from. We have researched men’s watches in this price range, talked to experts in the field and talked to customers that have purchased these watches and worn them. From the information we have gathered, we have brought you our top five watches for the under 500 budget.

Top Rated Watches Under $500

$300 to $500 dollars is still a lot of money to spend on a watch, so you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.  When someone buys a cheap watch, they expect it to not last long or even to mess up based on the low price they paid.  But when you spend several hundred dollars on a watch that you have carefully chosen, you want it to last. The choices below are all in the $300 to $500 dollar range.  Our list encompasses many great brand names and fashion styles to appeal to the preferences and needs of many watch wearers.  Your next watch may come from one of the top five choices on our list.

#1 – Citizen Men’s Titanium Eco-Drive

This sleek watch from Citizens has many features that make it a great watch for the man on the go. The brown leather watchband goes well with business or casual wear.  The one-way rotating elapsed time bezel and screw-back case give this watch a look that most men will love. Features include a perpetual calendar chronograph, a 43mm in diameter titanium watch face, a 1/20 second chronograph timer that goes up to 60 minutes, 12 and 24 hour time, dual time, date, alarm and tachymeter you can do more than just see what time it is. The Citizen Titanium Eco-Drive watch is solar powered, so there are no batteries to worry about. Ensuring that it has time to charge in appropriate sunlight will increase the functionality and ensure accurate time keeping. If you are a swimmer, you will like the water resistance ability this watch offers up to 200 meters so no more having to take your watch off to wash your hands.  Customers who purchase this watch will receive a 5 year warranty on it as well.

#2 – Bulova Men’s “Precisionist”

The continuously sweeping second hand of this Bulova Precisionist watch makes it the world’s most accurate watch. This watch will give you accuracy to within 10 second/year. The majority of quartz watches provide accuracy to within 15 seconds per month. It is also the world’s most advanced chronograph offering wearers 1/1,000 second precision over 12 hours and will provide worldwide precision inside of 10 seconds a year. The stainless steel frame is sleek and stylish with a curved crystal, a multiple layer black and silver dial, luminous hour and minute hands that make seeing the time easy at a glance, the calendar, patterned black rubber watchband and much more.  This is definitely a watch for active men on the go who want a watch that does more than tell time. The water resistance rating of this watch is up to 300 meters, making it a good choice for those who swim or snorkel.  Diving is not recommended while wearing the watch but it can handle splashes and hand washing with ease.

#3 – Citizen Men’s “World Time A-T”

The Citizen’s Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Watch is very unique and is perfect for the tech lover in your life. The stainless steel case and bracelet looks great for work and formal occasions but is versatile enough to look great with jeans and a sport coat or polo shirt too. The black dial has luminous hands that make seeing the time easy in low light conditions as well. The watch face is on the larger size, 43mm which looks great on men of all sizes.

There are many features that this great watch has.  These include:

  • Perpetual calendar
  • Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal
  • Atomic clock
  • Date display
  • Alarm capability
  • Day/date indicator
  • Power reserve indicator

These are just a few of the great features that this Eco-Drive watch by Citizen’s offers.  Another favorite feature is the synchronized time adjustment that is available in 5 different time zones:

  • British
  • Eastern
  • Central
  • Mountain
  • Pacific

There are orange contrasts on the dial, numeral and stick markers that alternate and an attractive 5 link bracelet design. In addition you are protected from water damage since it is rated water resistant to 660 feet which enables you to wash your hands, dishes, be out in the rain, swim and snorkel with the watch on. Customers that purchase this great watch get the advantage of a 5 year warranty s well.

#4 – Nixon Men’s Geo Volt

The attractive and elegant brushed stainless steel looks terrific with business attire and casual attire alike. The bezel is engraved and the push buttons are on the left and is also made of brushed stainless steel. The face of this watch is a little larger than most, measuring 48mm in diameter and features a stainless steel case and mineral display window. The Japanese quartz movement has analog display and the watchband is three link stainless steel with a fold over clasp with a double push-button safety and a micro-adjust closure.  The all one color design is very attractive and professional looking. This watch is great for those who engage in water surface sports such as water skiing, swimming, snorkeling, boating and other activities with a rating of 200 meters (660 ft). It is not rated for scuba diving. Customers who purchase this great Nixon Geo Volt Stainless steel watch receive a 2 year warranty.

#5 – Invicta Men’s Venom Chronograph

If you want a watch that is high class, striking and as conversation starter wherever you go, you will love the Invicta Men’s Venom Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch in beautiful Rose Gold Tone with black accents. This watch offers a black dial with three sub dials and a date display window as well between 4 and 5 o’clock. The hour markers are raised circles and are luminous and outlined in gold. The buttons on this attractive watch are oversized and easy to push along with the oversized crown as well. The black watchband is made from polyurethane and has a buckle clasp. The watch face of this stunning time piece is 54mm which can be considered large by some people’s standards, but is great for those who really like watches that stand out. A favorite feature of this watch is the flame-fusion crystal it has that resists all nicks and scratches, keeping this beautiful watch looking brand new. It has precise Swiss quartz movement for accurate time keeping.  One of the most impressive features of this beautiful watch is that it is water resistant to a whopping 3,28o feet or 1,000 meters!  This high water resistance level makes it perfect for all kinds of water surface activities and recreational scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming too.  A 1 year warranty is offered with this show stopping time piece.

What to Look for When Buying a Watch Under $500

When you are shopping and doing research on different watches do you know what all the different terminology means?  It can be confusing to figure out what the description means if you are not familiar with the different terms that are used in the watch industry, both to describe the watch itself, including parts and common watch functions as well.

We’ve included a list of commonly used words and terms that are commonly used in most watch descriptions.  Why is watch vocabulary important?   That is simple; when you are reading a watch description you are going to see many different words and terminology that you may not recognize. With this list handy, you will be able to understand what that watch description is saying.

  • 12/24 hour register – This is most often seen in one of the sub-dials that are on the front of many watches. It can record periods of time either up to 12 or up to 24 hours.
  • Alarm – The purpose of an alarm on a watch is the same as it is on your beside clock or cell phone… it is to alert you of a pre-set time, appointment or event. Quartz and mechanical watches can have alarms. Mechanical watches sometimes have an additional hand for setting the alarm.
  • Altimeter – This is something that is usually found in pilot watches or flight watches. The altimeter’s job is to measure altitude which responds to changes in barometric pressure.  This is an important function to have on a watch for pilots, mountain climbers, sky divers and other similar activities.
  • Am/Pm Indicator – The AM/PM indicator is what displays the AM/PM symbol that corresponds with the right time of day or night and works on a 12 hour clock.
  • Analog Watch – When your watch has hands rather than digital Arabic numbers, it is said to be an analog watch.
  • Atomic Calendar – This type of calendar takes leap years and varying month lengths into account when determining the calendar.
  • Atomic Clock – An atomic clock is the most accurate there is in terms of keeping time. It only loses 1 second every 1,400,000 years. It is powered by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and is broadcasted through a radio signal.
  • Automatic Watch – Very similar to mechanical watches, an automatic watch is a watch that has no battery and is powered by the movement of the wearer. As long as the watch is worn at least 8 hours every day, the time will be accurate and up to date. Sometimes automatic watches have reserves that will keep the watch powered even if the wearer doesn’t wear it one day. Even with reserves, if the watch isn’t worn for 36 hours or more, it will need to be manually started.
  • Battery Reserve Indicator – When the watch battery is low, there is an indicator that allows the wearer to recognize that the battery needs to be changed in a quartz watch. Most often you will notice the second hand jumping in 2 to 4 second intervals which is your signal that the battery is ready to go.
  • Bezel – The bezel is a term that you will see often in watch descriptions. It is the ring that surrounds the dial of your watch.  It is typically made from precious metals.  Some bezels have different functions that include measuring speed, measuring distance, elapsed time tracker, etc.
  • Bi-Directional Bezel – This type of Bezel can be turned both clockwise and counter-clockwise. If you want to keep track of time that elapses, make sure your watch has a bi-directional bezel.
  • Bracelet – This is a specific type of watch band that is typically made of metal or ceramic of some kind. It is usually much fancier than leather, rubber or polyurethane watchbands. Due to the link design of the bracelet watch bands, they can be adjusted to fit perfectly.
  • Case – The case of the watch houses all the various parts of the watch that make it run. It is usually made of metal, plastic or ceramic. It can also be called the body of the watch. If the case is made of gold, silver, rhodium or platinum, it increases the value of the watch substantially.
  • Chronograph – Even though it sounds much fancier, a chronograph watch is really just a watch that has a stopwatch capability. It can measure elapsed time and conventional time at the same time. It is driven by movement and you can operate it with two buttons.  One of the buttons will stop and reset the stopwatch and the other button starts it. There are many different styles and types of chronographs on the market and many watches have this capability now.
  • Complications – The term complications means something different in the watch industry than it does in the general sense. In the watch industry, a complication is a watch that does more than just tell the time.  Included in complications can be perpetual calendars, alarms, chronographs, minute repeaters and more.
  • Crown – There is a little knob on the outside of the watch casing that is used for setting the watch and also a variety of other settings. This is called the crown.  The crown is also used to wind the watch. Even though they all have the same basic purpose, there can be various types of crowns depending on the watch.
  • Crystal – This is the part of the watch that protects the dial. The crystal of a watch can be made of acrylic, glass, mineral, or sapphire.  Mineral and sapphire crystals are heartier than others and in many cases, especially with sapphire, they are scratch resistant.  Sapphire crystals may be the most expensive type of crystal, however, they are three times stronger than mineral crystals and as much as 20 times stronger than acrylic so they are well worth the extra cost.
  • Day/Date Function – This is a function on the dial of the watch that dhows day of the week and the date.
  • Dial – The face of the watch, which shows the time with various markers and different indicators, is called the watch dial.
  • Digital Watch – A digital watch shows the time in Arabic digits rather than through analog time with hands. It is used often in children’s watches and sports watches as well. These digital functions are typically set with buttons that are on the side of the watch itself.
  • Electronic Watch – Another name for an electronic watch is a quartz watch. It has a battery and it the most common type of function that watches use.
  • Gold Plated – Gold plating is a thin layer of gold that is fused on top of a metal to make it look like gold. Many watches may have this gold plating but the problem with gold plating is that it tends to tarnish and even flake off.  As nice as gold plated items look in the beginning, it can end up looking very cheap in a few short months.
  • Karat – The term Karat is an indication as to the purity of a metal. It is most often seen in relation to the purity of gold. Pure gold is too soft to be used in watches in its pure form.  That’s why it is made into an alloy which increases its strength so it can be used in watches and watchbands.  24K is pure gold and is the softest… 18K 14K 10K, etc.  The lower the number the more other metal there is in the mix with the gold.
  • Luminous – Read a few watch descriptions and you will see the word luminous often. Markers and hands and minute markers are most often luminous which means they have had a glow in the dark coating which will allow them to illuminate automatically in a low light or dark environment.
  • Mechanical Watch – There is no electrical source needed to run a mechanical watch. They are favored by many and usually keep more accurate time than quartz will.  Mechanical watches tend to be a little more expensive but they are rapidly becoming a favorite type of movement for many watch wearers.
  • Movement – The term ‘movement’ refers to the engine or motor of the watch and hoe it is powered. There are three types of movements that watches are made with: mechanical, automatic and quartz.
  • Perpetual Calendar – One of many complications that a watch can offer, this one shows the day, date and month at the very least. Some also show moon phase and year depending on the watch. A perpetual calendar takes leap years and the month length into consideration in its workings.
  • Screw Down Crown – This is a crown that can tighten when the wearer screws it in. A gasket that seals the opening of the crown compresses when it is tightened and ensures water resistance. If you are into water activities and want a watch you can wear under water, you will want to make sure that it has a screw down crown feature.
  • Swiss Movement – This is something you will see stamped on some watches but it doesn’t mean that the watch was made in Switzerland, only the motor or engine part. The rest of the watch can be made anywhere.
  • Water Resistance – Water resistant watches can handle exposure to water to different degrees depending on the level of water resistance it has. This rating will be stamped on the back of the watch.  If it is not stamped on the back, it is not water resistant n o matter what the description states. To keep your watch protected, be sure to have the water resistance checked one a year.


The more expensive a watch is the more important it becomes to make sure that you are getting what you paid for. When your budget is under $500, there are a lot of fantastic options out there for you to pick from. By taking the time to educate yourself a bit on the watch terminology that descriptions use, you are sure to understand exactly what your watch is offering and what you can expect from it. The more you know about watches in general the better able you are to choose one that will fit your needs and preferences.  When you choose the watch that fits your needs and preferences rather than just guessing and hoping, you reduce the risk of wasting your money on another watch that ends up at the bottom of a dresser drawer, not bring worn. You might also be interested in men’s watches under $1,000.