How Much Is the Apple Watch?

Apple has introduced a new generation of watches that are now known as Apple Watch. There are three different versions of Apple watches available in the market going by names, Series 0, Series 1 and Series 2, Apple’s latest developed watch range. So, how much is an Apple Watch worth?

Today, we will discuss different features of these watches and their price range.

Series 0: Prices That You Have to Pay

It was the first generation Apple Watch that had been released in Aril, 2015 and was discontinued after September 2016. You can buy these watches now at second-hand electronic shops easily at half the prices they originally cost.

Series 0 has 4 models which consisting of two options of the wristband – the 38mm & 42mm.

You have different colors to choose from – Silver, Space Grey, Gold, and Rose Gold aluminum. The colors remain more or less constant across all models launched till date.

You would love the single core processor, that while not as powerful as your smartphone, does its job pretty well. You also have an ion x-glass and a sapphire crystal display that makes viewing the watch a beautiful experience. With the OLED Retina display that displays at around 450 nits, boasts a battery life of around 18 hours and runs on watchOS 3. You will need to charge them daily, one of the primary criticisms the watch faced.

Series 0 was modified to include many features in Series 1 and Series 2 models as we will see further

Series 1: Prices That You Have to Pay

Series 1 watch are a revamped version of Series 0 watches. They were only designed as an entry level option with Series 2 being the main attraction. Thus they only come in low-cost aluminum design. For a steel cased design, you will have to choose a Series 2 watch.

They come in these different models – Sports Silver, Sports Space Grey, and Sports Gold Aluminium. You have a 38 mm and a 42mm band to choose in each.

It cost around $299. Series 1 watch had many new features included after Series 0. It came in an aluminium sort casing, had a dual-core system-on-a-chip processor, and was water resistant. It also has an ion-x glass display, and OLED Retina display which displays around 450 nits’ brightness. You have a battery life of 18 hours and run on watchOS 3.

Series 2: Prices That You Need to Pay

Series 2 watch is the latest addition to the Apple Watch series and comes in four different versions to choose from – Sport, Watch, Hermes, Edition, and Nike+.

You have the standard 38mm & 42mm to choose from again. You have access to different colors and models that include Silver, Space Grey, Gold, and Rose Gold aluminum.

There are also other options that include a Space Black Steet edition and a Hermes Single Tour edition. Series 2 watches cost around $100 higher than the Series 1 watch. Here is the price range of Series 2 watch.

You would be paying around $369 for the Sports 38 mm watch while the Hermes edition will cost as much as $1199 if you choose the 42 mm version.

Series 2 includes all features of Series 1 with the new addition being it now comes in three casing – aluminum, steel and ceramic, has a dual-core-system-on-a-chip, comes with a GPS antennae, swim-proof, has a direct fire speaker that ejects water after a swim, an OLED Retina display with 1000 nits brightness.

What Should You Pay For Your Apple Watch?

Here is the honest answer to how much is the Apple Watch – it all depends on the model that you are buying and the time of the year you are buying in. For instance, buying a Series 2 Nike+ 42 mm band Apple Watch will normally cost you around $399. However, if you are going to buy this during a sales period – like Black Friday, you will probably end up paying around $300.

Also, Series 0 and Series 1 watches cost a lot lesser today – you would probably get them at half the price. Normally, the newer the model, the more is the price.

Apple watches are a great buy, and while the Series 0 and Series 1 had certain limitations, Apple seems to have done away with most of the problems. You also have an Apple watch that fits all your needs – so you could pay as little as $300 or as high as $1200 or more.

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