Today’s Watches Are Not the Watch Your Grandfather Wore

Gone are the days of only wearing an analog watch made from a drab material. One that does nothing more than just tell the time. Perhaps you are someone who thinks of your grandfather’s old-fashion wristwatch every time you hear the word watch. However, you may be surprised to know that unique and exciting watches are now available on the market. The next time you find yourself interested in purchasing a watch, keep your eyes open for styles that cater to your lifestyle – they do exist.

Today's Watches Are Not the Watch Your Grandfather Wore

1. Features of Today’s Watches

A common feature of today’s watches, whether designed by Vacheron or Gucci, is a digital face. Years ago, such as the time when your grandfather purchased his first watch, an analog face was the only option. It wasn’t until around the 1970’s that digital watches entered the market, and ever since, one cannot deny their enduring popularity. Today’s watches have taken on a sleek and rather minimalist appearance. For example, many brands like Bulova, Gucci, or Bell & Ross have created carbon fiber watches that are lightweight and sporty.

Additionally, many watches nowadays are matte black or have a large face stuffed with crystals or diamonds. There are even watches on the market by the company, MVMT, who create watches to match your lifestyle. MVMT watches are the epitome of stylish and simple, with their gunmetal, rose gold or black leather options. We think options like these are something your grandfather would never have had thirty years ago. Watches on the market today even come with more features, such as a heart rate monitor, step-counter, camera, and even GPS maps. This means that watches today are much more than they were originally designed for.

Today's Watches Are Not the Watch Your Grandfather Wore

2. Old Meets New

Despite the new features that modern watches have, there is still a hint of the old in their design. Old watches are timeless, and many companies have morphed the old-fashioned design into the new. For example, the Oris Diver Sixty-Five takes on a look of the watch that was first released 50 years ago. New additions to watch designs are scratch-resistant faces, larger 40 mm cases, and enhanced bands. These changes do not change the watch, but instead, make it an even more special piece.

Now, with modern technology, many vintage watches have been redesigned to last longer as well as scratch or water-proof. Modern watches you might want to keep an eye on are ones that do not include roman numerals or numbers in the face but instead are completely black or white, or even have an image to replace the numbers. Other companies have designed watches that only feature the number 3, 6 9, 12, or have roman numerals around a digital clock.

Moreover, some companies have designed watches that allow you to change out the wristbands, making it possible for you to customize your watch every day if you desire to. A modern trend that is visible is that watches are now customizable, as people like to be able to make their watches their own.

Today's Watches Are Not the Watch Your Grandfather Wore

3. Pricing of Today’s Watches

Compared to watches of the past, there is not a huge spike in pricing with modern watches. Although, we are sure your grandfather would say he paid quite a lot less than the price tag on it today. The great thing is there are prices for everyone, ranging from low $30’s to high $200’s.

Today’s watches come with more designs and features, but that does not mean they are not as timeless or special as their predecessors.

In fact, if you are a lover of vintage watches, then you will be pleased to know many companies are manufacturing modern watches that have an old-fashioned look to them. If you are someone who prefers a modern look only, then you will be happy to know there are brands that make watches with all the extras and have a lightweight or customizable band.

When it comes to watches today, you can find minimalist designs, glamorous features like crystals or rocks, large faces, no numbers inside, and even bands that can be switched out for others.